Cisco Multicast Labs – آموزش پیکربندی سیسکو مالتی کست

دوره Cisco Multicast Labs در خصوص نحوه پیکربندی ( مالتی کست) چندپخشی و تمام دستورات لازم در این خصوص به صورت یک لابلاتوار، آموزش داده می شود. در ادامه شما با درک مفاهیم و حالت های مختلف Multicast، نحوه پیکربندی مالتی کست در دستگاه های سیسکو، چگونگی تأیید پیکربندی شما، در صورت بروز هر گونه مشکل، چگونه به عیب یابی کنید.

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Language: English
Publisher: Udemy
Created by: Mohammad Imani
Last updated: 3/2018
Video: 1 hour on-demand

Configure IP Multicasting on your network

What you’ll learn

Understand the concepts and different modes of multicast
Understand how to configure multicast on Cisco devices
Understand how to verify your configuration
Understand how to troubleshoot in case you have any issue


Basic knowledge of Cisco IOS
Cisco routers and switches or network simulator such as GNS3


This mini course is all about Multicast and all the necessary commands to configure this feature in your network!

I have explained all commands in detail so that you can easily get a grab on that feaure. If you cannot find a feature, this means either it is obsolete and a better feature replaces that or I have forgotten to include it. In the latter case, I will be more than happy if you let me know what you want and I will add it to the curriculum.

I have used GNS3 for the simulation. However, you can execute all commands on a real gear without any change.

Who this course is for:

Network admins and engineers who need to implement multicast feature in their network
Students aiming for Cisco certificates

Course content

Expand all 7 lectures01:11:01
+Dense and Sparse Modes
3 lectures35:38
+rendezvous Points (RPs)
2 lectures20:18
+Source Specific Multicast (SSM)
1 lecture05:53
+Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)
1 lecture09:12

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