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TCP/IP یکی از مهمترین پروتکل های استفاده شده در شبکه های کامپیوتری است. اینترنت بعنوان بزرگترین شبکه موجود، از پروتکل فوق بمنظور ارتباط دستگاه های متفاوت استفاده می نماید. پروتکل، مجموعه قوانین لازم بمنظور قانونمند نمودن نحوه ارتباطات در شبکه های کامپیوتری است.

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By Michael J Shannon
Publisher: Cisco Press
Release Date: 2021
ISBN: 0137658907
Language: English+Subtitle


TCP/IP Fundamentals LiveLessons provides almost 9 hours of video learning that encompasses an in-depth exploration of the foundational concepts of the TCP/IP protocols as used today in modern enterprise and cloud provider networking. This course is specifically geared toward younger adult learners as well as individuals who are transitioning into a new career in information

It is a great first taste into networking and internetworking, and serves as a great prequel to any Network+ or CCNA-type course. The course offers a clear and easily digestible introduction and explanation of the protocols, services, and behaviors of the modern TCP/IP implementation. Michael Shannon uses slides, interactive board work, and whiteboards and provides several demonstrations of the technology on modern Windows, Linux, and Amazon Web Service environments.

Michael J. Shannon has more than 25 years of IT and information system experience working as an employee, contractor, and consultant for companies like MCI, Platinum Technologies, Fujitsu, IBM, State Farm, MindSharp, Skillsoft, and of course Pearson. He is uniquely qualified to provide detailed explanations to help you understand exactly what is happening under the hood when accessing the Internet, whether it’s using a corporate PC, laptop, mobile device, or even your web-enabled alarm!

This course is a great first step in the process for entry-level IT certifications such as CompTIA Network+, A+, Cisco CCNA, Juniper, PAN, and cloud services like Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

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