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دوره Penetration Testing Student v2 (eJPTv2) از موسسه محبوب eLearnSecurity و INE آموزش تست نفوذ در سطح مبتدی است. دوره eJPTv2 برای افرادی که قصد دارند وارد حوزه تست نفوذ شوند بسیار مناسب و به تمامی افراد تازه کار پیشنهاد می‌شود. دوره جدید eJPTv2 هیچ گونه پیش نیازی ندارد و به سه بخش 1. پیش نیاز های تست نفوذ | 2.مهارت های اولیه و برنامه نویسی | 3. تست نفوذ مقدماتی تقسیم می‌شود. برای مثال شما در قسمت اول با مفهوم ها، مباحث ضروری شبکه و همچنین پروتکل های وب مثل HTTP، Cookie، Session و همچنین نرم افزار Burp suite آشنا می‌شوید…

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Date: 2022
Publisher: INE
DURATION: 144h 3m
Language: English + Subtitle
ACTIVITIES: 3 sections , 12 courses , 229 videos, 154 quizzes, 120 labs

The hardest thing you will ever do in cybersecurity is to land your first job. There are HR gateways, industry jargon, and companies unwilling to hire new talent. To help combat these challenges, we have built a hands-on training path focused on the necessary skills to start your career. The Penetration Testing Student Learning Path covers prerequisite topics introducing you to pentesting, information security, and programming. The learning path prepares you for an entry-level position within a red team, exposes you to bug bounty basics, and provides the skills and practice necessary for the eJPTv2 certification exam.

The eLearnSecurity Jr. Penetration Tester exam (eJPT) validates that the individual has the knowledge and skills required to fulfill a role as an entry-level penetration tester. This certification covers Assessment Methodologies and Enterprise Auditing with Host, Network, and Web Application Penetration Testing. This exam is designed to be the first milestone certification for someone with little to no experience in cybersecurity, simulating the skills utilized during a real-world engagement. This exam truly shows yourself and your employer that you have what it takes to be part of a winning penetration testing team.

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