Networking Fundamentals

اگر شما به دنبال  پیشبرد کار IT خود هستید، و نیاز به درک بنیادی شبکه دارید کتاب Networking Fundamentals (اصول شبکه) همه مواردی که شما در مورد زیر ساخت های شبکه، سخت افزار، پروتکل ها و نحوه خدمات نیاز دارید را پوشش می دهد. همچنین در این کتاب شما با شبکه های سیمی و بی سیم آشنا می شوید و در ادامه با پروتکل اینترنت (IP) و دسته بندی آدرس های IPv4، نحوه کار با خدمات شبکه، تعریف زیرساخت های شبکه و امنیت شبکه، از جمله شبکه های داخلی، اکسترانت، و VPN آشنا می شوید. کتاب آموزش اصول شبکه یک منبع مطالعه جهت کمک در کسب مدرک MTA می باشد.

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Pages: 336
Price: $40.00
Publisher: Sybex
By: Crystal Panek
Format: PDF
Date: November 2019
ISBN: 978-1-119-65074-4


A clear and concise resource on Windows networking, perfect for IT beginners

Did you know that nearly 85% of IT support roles require a good understanding of networking concepts? If you are looking to advance your IT career, you will need a foundational understanding of Windows networking. Network Fundamentals covers everything you need to know about network infrastructures, hardware, protocols, and services. You will learn everything you need to gain the highly in-demand Networking Fundamentals MTA Certification. This entry-level credential could be your first step into a rewarding, stable and lucrative IT career.

This new Sybex guide covers the basics of networking starting from the “ground level,” so no previous IT knowledge is required. Each chapter features approachable discussion of the latest networking technologies and concepts, closing with a quiz so you can test your knowledge before moving to the next section. Even if you are brand new to computers, Network Fundamentals will guide you to confidence and mastery.

  • Understand wired and wireless networks in every detail
  • Learn everything you need to attain the Networking Fundamentals MTA Certification
  • Test your knowledge with end-of-chapter quiz questions
  • Understand internet protocol (IP) and categorize IPv4 addresses
  • Work with networking services and area networks
  • Define network infrastructures and network security, including intranets, extranets, and VPNs

Beginning and established IT professionals looking to understand more about networking will gain the knowledge to create a network diagram and confidently explain basic networking concepts. Thanks to the features in this book, you will be able to apply your new networking skills in real world situations and feel confident when taking the certification test.


Crystal Panek, MCP, MCP+I, MCSA, MCSE, MCTS, MCDBA currently works on a contract basis creating courseware for several large IT training facilities. For over 15 years, she served as vice-president of a large IT training company where she developed training materials and courseware to help 1000’s of students get through their certification exams. She has trained students and IT professionals at the MicroC, Stellacon Corporation, and the University of New Hampshire.

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