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دانلود ویدئو آموزشی دوره تخصصی امنیت ردهت آزمون EX415

دوره Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security (Exam EX415) Prep Course ویژه کارشناسان و مدیرانی می باشد که تمرکز آنها بر روی امنیت سرور های ردهت و قصد شرکت در آزمون EX415 ردهت را دارند می باشد. تمرکز دوره لینوکس ردهت (Red Hat Exam EX415) بر روی فایروال ها، دستگاه های USB، نحوه رمزگذاری، روش های حسابرسی، خودکار سازی فرایند ها، و غیره می باشد.

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Length: 18:43:25
Videos: 42
By: Bob Salmans
Publisher: Linux Academy


The performance-based Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security exam (EX415) tests your ability to perform a number of systems administration tasks focused on securing servers. This includes the use of firewalls, USB device restriction, encryption, auditing, compliance, automation, and more.

Who should take this course: This course is for Red Hat Certified System Administrators, Red Hat Certified Engineers, or someone with comparable work experience and skills


Course Introduction
About the Author 00:01:10
About the Course 00:03:46
Course Features 00:04:29

Security Auditing and Automation
System Auditing
Introduction to System Auditing 00:11:36
Defining Audit Rules and Creating Audit Reports 00:17:22
Hands-On-Lab: Configuring Audit Settings on Red Hat 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Configuring Audit Settings for STIG Compliance on Red Hat 00:30:00

All About OpenSCAP 00:12:37
Connecting to a Linux Lab Server with VNC
Hands-On-Lab: Run an OpenSCAP Compliance Scan on a Host
Hands-On-Lab: Create a Custom Scan Policy with OpenSCAP
Hands-On-Lab: Performing a Compliance Scan and Active Remediation Using OSCAP 00:30:00

Introduction to Ansible and Its Parts 00:13:08
Installing Ansible and Managing SSH Keys 00:14:44
Hands-On-Lab: Getting Started with Ansible 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Ansible Playbooks: The Basics 01:00:00

Intrusion Detection
AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment)
Installing and Configuring AIDE 00:12:36
Tuning AIDE Functionality 00:08:06
Hands-On-Lab: Installing and Configuring AIDE 00:30:00

AIDE Scenarios
AIDE Scenarios 00:05:08
System Hardening
Securing SSH
Managing SSH Access 00:07:23
Working with SSH Keys and Settings 00:06:49
Hands-On-Lab: Managing SSH Access 00:30:00
USB Device Restrictions
Installing and Configuring USBGuard 00:09:47
USBGuard Policies and Settings 00:09:33
Hands-On-Lab: Installing and Configuring USBGuard 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Creating USBGuard Rules 00:30:00

Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) Policies
Introduction to PAM 00:04:58
Creating Account Lockout Policies 00:11:01
Creating Password Policies 00:09:19
Hands-On-Lab: Configure an Account Lockout Policy 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Configure a Password Complexity Policy 00:30:00

Managing sudo
Controlling sudo Access 00:04:39
Locking Down sudo 00:04:29
Hands-On-Lab: Managing sudo Access 00:30:00

Disk Encryption
Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS)
Linux Storage Review 00:04:46
Introduction to LUKS 00:05:19
The LUKS Encryption Process 00:13:19
Mounting LUKS Volumes at Boot 00:04:25
LUKS Volume Management 00:13:15
LUKS Scenarios and Review 00:05:37
Hands-On-Lab: Creating a New Encrypted Volume Using LUKS 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Changing a LUKS Passphrase 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Creating a Secondary LUKS Passphrase and LUKS Header Backup 00:30:00

Network-Bound Disk Encryption (NBDE)
Introduction to NBDE 00:03:49
Configuring NBDE Servers 00:04:13
Configuring NBDE Clients 00:05:08
NBDE Key Management 00:02:49
Hands-On-Lab: Encrypting a Volume with NBDE 00:30:00

Security-Enhanced Linux
Introduction to SELinux 00:09:02
Policies and Labels 00:10:55
Type Enforcement and Managing Labels 00:04:51
Booleans 00:09:27
Troubleshooting SELinux 00:06:40
Confined Users, Booleans, and sudo 00:17:08
Confined Users Review 00:04:10
SELinux Scenario 00:06:06
Hands-On-Lab: Configuring SELinux 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Creating Confined Users in SELinux 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Troubleshooting SELinux 00:30:00
Hands-On-Lab: Granting `sudo` Privileges to Confined Users 00:30:00

How to Prepare for the Exam 00:05:09
Get Recognized 00:01:01
What’s Next After Certification 00:02:24
Hands-On-Lab: Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security (EX415) Practice Exam 02:00:00

When you complete this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion as proof of your accomplishment.

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