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OCP 12c Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam Guide دانلود کتاب راهنما اوراکل – نگهداری داده های مورد نیاز و تبدیل آن به اطلاعات و دانش ، همواره از نیازهای دنیای فناوری اطلاعات می باشد. در این راستا ما نیاز به بانک اطلاعاتی و سیستم مدیریت بانک اطاعاتی داریم. ما می توانیم در بانک های اطلاعاتی ، داده هایی را که فراموش می کنیم ذخیره کنیم و در زمان مورد نیاز آنها را بازیابی کنیم مثل آدرس ، شماره تلفن و یا حساب های شخصی و … . مديريت بانـك اطلاعات عـامل اصلي كاركرد بانك اطلاعات است كه وظيفه تعــريف ذخـيره كردن ، بهنگام سازي و بازيابي داده ها را بر عهده دارد. یکی از برترین شرکت های تولید کننده بانک اطلاعاتی و سیستم های مدیریت بانک های اطلاعاتی اوراکل می باشد. اوراكل در اساطیر یونانی الهه الهام یا خداوندگار می باشد .

لینک دانلود OCP 12c Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam Guide


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OCP Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam guide

Author: Advait Deo, Indira Karnati
Length: 665 pages
Edition: 1
Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publication Date: 2016-11-30
ISBN-10: 1787126609
ISBN-13: 9781787126602

Key Features
This is your one-stop solution to understanding what’s new in Oracle 12c and how to bring these features to your systems in a hassle-free manner
A complete guide to clearing the OCP Upgrade 1Z0-060 Exam
Dive deep into Oracle administration and get up to date

Book Description
This guide will get Oracle admins up to date with the latest developments in Oracle 12c. It includes all the necessary information that you need to implement in your existing systems.

All of the information in this book has been handpicked to help you study for the Oracle 12c upgrade exam. Each chapter has been written with the objective of helping you pass this exam with ease. Content in this book is aligned with the objectives of the exam, making it really easy to follow the course content. Every example mentioned in this book has been tried and tested in actual environment. Real-world examples will help you learn about new features such as multitenant containers database architecture, managing containers, pluggable databases, database administration enhancements, database auditing, tuning, backup, and flashback enhancements.

You will also learn about storage enhancements, security updates, tuning, troubleshooting, and backup enhancements. This book also covers section 2 of the exam course making this book a complete guide for passing OCP 12c upgrade exam 1Z0-060.

What you will learn

All of the new features of the Oracle 12c database that you are required to know for the OCP Upgrade Exam 1Z0-060
New multitenant architecture introduced in Oracle 12c and how it works
Monitor complex database operations and use the new enhanced SQL tuning features to tune bad SQLs
Manage data over time using information life cycle management
Make your data more secure by implementing new enhanced auditing
Learn new security features and how to implement encryption to secure your data
Explore how backup and flashback works with new multitenant architecture
Performance management techniques that will analyze and tune your database

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Getting Started with Oracle 12c
Chapter 2. Multitenant Container Database Architecture
Chapter 3. Managing CDBs and PDBs
Chapter 4. Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Enhancements
Chapter 5. Auditing, Privilege Analysis and Data Redaction
Chapter 6. Database Tuning and Troubleshooting
Chapter 7. Backup and Flashback Enhancements
Chapter 8. Database Administration Enhancements
Chapter 9. Miscellaneous New Features
Chapter 10. Core Administration
Chapter 11. Performance Management

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