Networking All-in-One For Dummies, 7th Edition

در حال حاضر همه شرکت ها و سازمانها مجبورند برای امور جاری و اداری روزانه شان از کامپیوتر استفاده نمایند و هر شرکتی که بیش از یک کامپیوتر داشته باشد این نیاز را حتما خواهد داشت که اطلاعات مورد نیاز و مهم شرکت را بین این کامپیوترها به اشتراک بگذارد تا هر کاربری با هر کامپیوتری در محیط فعالیت اداری بتواند در اسرع وقت به اطلاعات مورد نیاز دسترسی داشته باشد. این نیاز یعنی به اشتراک گذاشتن منابع اطلاعاتی و داده های مورد نیاز فقط از طریق شبکه کردن تمام کامپیوترهای موجود در شرکت و اتصال آنها امکانپذیر است. پس تقریبا تمام شرکتها و سازمانها به شخصی نیاز دارند که بتواند این شبکه را راه اندازی نماید.

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Author: Doug Lowe
Length: 984 pages
Edition: 7
Price: $25.99
Language: English
Publisher: For Dummies
Publication Date: 2018-04-10
ISBN-10: 1119471605
ISBN-13: 9781119471608

Whether you’re in charge of a small network or a large network, Networking All-in-One is full of the information you’ll need to set up a network and keep it functioning. Fully updated to capture the latest Windows 10 releases through Spring 2018, this is the comprehensive guide to setting up, managing, and securing a successful network.

Inside, nine minibooks cover essential, up-to-date information for networking in systems such as Windows 10 and Linux, as well as best practices for security, mobile and cloud-based networking, and much more.

  • Serves as a single source for the most-often needed network administration information
  • Covers the latest trends in networking
  • Get nine detailed and easy-to-understand networking minibooks in one affordable package

Networking All-in-One For Dummies is the perfect beginner’s guide as well as the professional’s ideal reference book.

Table of Contents
Book 1: Networking Basics
Chapter 1: Welcome to Networking
Chapter 2: Network Infrastructure
Chapter 3: Switches, Routers, and VLANs
Chapter 4: Servers and Virtualization
Chapter 5: Cloud Computing

Book 2: Understanding Network Protocols
Chapter 1: Network Protocols and Standards
Chapter 2: TCP/IP and the Internet
Chapter 3: IP Addresses
Chapter 4: Routing
Chapter 5: DHCP
Chapter 6: DNS
Chapter 7: TCP/IP Tools and Commands

Book 3: Planning a Network
Chapter 1: Local Area Networks
Chapter 2: Wide Area Networks
Chapter 3: Server Architecture
Chapter 4: Virtualization Architecture
Chapter 5: Storage Architecture

Book 4: Implementing a Network
Chapter 1: Network Hardware
Chapter 2: Wireless Networks
Chapter 3: Windows Clients
Chapter 4: Mac Networking
Chapter 5: Network Printers
Chapter 6: Virtual Private Networks

Book 5: Implementing Virtualization
Chapter 1: Hyper-V
Chapter 2: VMware
Chapter 3: Azure
Chapter 4: Amazon Web Services
Chapter 5: Desktop Virtualization

Book 6: Implementing Windows Server 2016
Chapter 1: Installing Windows Server 2016
Chapter 2: Configuring Windows Server 2016
Chapter 3: Configuring Active Directory
Chapter 4: Configuring User Accounts
Chapter 5: Configuring a File Server
Chapter 6: Using Group Policy
Chapter 7: Configuring Internet Information Services
Chapter 8: Configuring Exchange Server 2016
Chapter 9: Configuring SQL Server 2014
Chapter 10: Windows Commands
Chapter 11: Using PowerShell

Book 7: Implementing Linux
Chapter 1: Installing a Linux Server
Chapter 2: Configuring Linux
Chapter 3: Basic Linux Network Configuration
Chapter 4: Running DHCP and DNS
Chapter 5: Doing the Samba Dance
Chapter 6: Running Apache
Chapter 7: Running Sendmail
Chapter 8: Linux Commands

Book 8: Managing a Network
Chapter 1: Welcome to Network Administration
Chapter 2: Managing Remotely
Chapter 3: Managing Network Assets
Chapter 4: Managing the Help Desk
Chapter 5: Solving Network Problems
Chapter 6: Managing Software Deployment
Chapter 7: Managing Email Retention
Chapter 8: Managing Mobile Devices

Book 9: Managing Cybersecurity
Chapter 1: Welcome to Cybersecurity
Chapter 2: Managing Firewalls and Virus Protection
Chapter 3: Managing Spam
Chapter 4: Managing Backups
Chapter 5: Managing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Appendix A: Directory of Useful Websites
Appendix B: Glossary

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