MikroTik Routing All-in-1 Video Bootcamp – دوره کمپ مسیریابی میکروتیک

یکی از مهمترین کارهایی که در شبکه و با روترهای میکروتیک انجام شود، روتینگ و یا همان مسیریابی می باشد. دوره مسیریابی میکروتیک (MikroTik Routing All-in-1 Video Bootcamp) که به صورت کمپ می باشد، در این دوره ابتدا به سوال: چرا ما نیاز به مسیریابی در شبکه داریم پاسخ داده می شود و در ادامه با تفاوت بین مسیریابی IGP و EGP، نحوه پیکربندی ECMP در روترهای Mikrotik برای Load-Balancing، تئوری / مفهوم پروتکل مسیریابی RIP، پیکربندی RIP در روترهای Mikrotik، پیکربندی و عیب یابی RIPv1 و RIPv2 را روی روترهای میکروتیک، نحوه پیکربندی OSPF، احراز هویت RIP را با استفاده از روش MD5 و… به صورت بسیار جامع به شما آموزش داده می شود.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی دوره کمپ روتینگ میکروتیک – MikroTik Routing All-in-1 Video Bootcamp


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This course includes

Price: £19.99
Publisher: Udemy
Last updated: 3/2019
Video: 8 hours on-demand
Created by: Maher Haddad
Language: English + Subtitle

What you’ll learn

Understand why we need routing in our network
Understand how and where to apply static route and default static route
Understand the difference between IGP vs EGP routing
Understand the difference between Distance vector vs Link state routing protocols
Understand how to configure static floating route for link failover
Understand how to configure ECMP on Mikrotik routers for Load-Balancing
Understand the theory/concept of RIP routing protocol
Configure RIP on Mikrotik routers
Configure RIPv1 and RIPv2 on Mikrotik routers and troubleshoot them
Configure RIP authentication using the plain-text and the MD5 method
Configure neighbor routers on RIP and redistribute a connected route to RIP
At the end of the course, students will learn how Link state routing protocol works
How routers with OSPF routing can form neighborship
How the DR and BDR are being elected, and what are their tasks in OSPF
How to configure OSPF on a single and multi-areas
How to change the election of DR and BDR in an area
How to configure authentication on OSPF
How to do load balancing on OSPF by adjust the cost metric
What are the different routers types in OSPF (Internal router, ABR & ASBR)
How to do the summarization of networks on the ABR
How to redistribute static routes, connected routes and RIP on OSPF
The difference between Inter-area type-1 and type-2
How to connect all OSPF routers to the internet by redistributing the default route to the internet
What are the different types of LSA’s
What are the different types of stub areas
and many more with a lot of hands-on LABS


You should be familiar with TCP/IP Protocol
You should have basic networking knowledge
You should have beginner knoweldge level in Mikrotik


This is a bootcamp course containing my published 2 courses on udemy as following:

Course 1: OSPF on MikroTik with LABS

Course 2: Learn MikroTik Route with Hands-on LABS from scratch

P.S: If you have already purchased those 2 courses separately, please do not buy this course.

Many students who want to learn Routing on MikroTik they also want to learn OSPF. For this reason, I have combined those 2 courses into a single one so you can can profit from a lower price and you can gain routing knowledge on MikroTik in just 1 course.

In this course, you will have around 22 step-by-step LABS in which you can repeat them later at home to masterize the topics learned from this course.

Topics covered are based on Routing in MikroTik such as: Static Route, Default Route, ECMP, Static Floating Route, RIP, and all details topics of OSPF. All those topics are explained in a very simple way and then each topic has a practical Lab. All those Labs will be made using GNS3 emulator.

You will have lifetime access to this course, so you can watch it as much as needed.

I hope that you will enjoy my course.

Who this course is for:

This course is for students who would like to learn more about Routing and how to apply it on Mikrotik routers
This course is for professional to help them designing Routing in their jobs using Mikrotik routers
This course is for anyone who would like to learn Routing concepts and how to apply them on Mikrotik routers
Anyone who wants to know how to configure OSPF routing protocol on MikroTik
Any network engineer who would like to deploy OSPF on his network with MikroTik products
Anyone would like to have knowledge in depth about OSPF as for the theoretical and practical parts

Course content

46 lectures 08:13:55
–Course 1 – OSPF on MikroTik with LABS 05:22:29
Introduction to Link-state routing protocol 01:07
Explanation of how link-state routing protocol works 10:39
OSPF on a single area – Introduction video 01:06
OSPF areas and routers tasks 10:27
LAB#1 – Areas on OSPF (part 1) 14:59
LAB#1 – Areas on OSPF (part 2) 07:46
OSPF Hello packets – Introduction 00:45
How OSPF hello packets are matched between neighbor routers? 07:01
LAB#2 – OSPF Hello packets 14:33
DR and BDR – Intro 02:03
What is a DR? and why do we need it? 11:31
LAB#3 – DR & BDR election 25:25
Introduction to OSPF Authentication on MikroTik routers 01:47
Different types of OSPF Authentication on MikroTik 06:20
LAB#4 – Configuring OSPF Authentication on Mikrotik 17:44
Introduction to Load Balancing on OSPF 00:42
How load balancing works on OSPF? 09:20
LAB#5 – Configuring OSPF load balancing on MikroTik Routers 14:42
Introduction to Multiple areas on OSPF 02:39
LAB#6 – Configuring OSPF multiple areas on MikroTik routers 17:42
LAB#7 – Network summarization/aggregation on OSPF 17:46
LAB#8 – Connect all OSPF Routers to the Internet – Part1 26:57
LAB#9 – How to redistribute RIP and connected networks into OSPF 16:31
LAB#10 – Configure OSPF passive interface on the MikroTik Routers 18:53
What is Virtual Link in OSPF? and in which cases can we use it on Mikrotik? 05:09
LAB#11 – OSPF Virtual Link (Transit Area) 13:44
LAB#12 – OSPF Virtual Link for discontinuous backbone areas 08:17
What are the different types of OSPF stub areas???? 11:19
LAB#13 – Configuring OSPF Stub and Totally Stub areas on MikroTik 13:44
LAB#14 – Configuring NSSA and Totally NSSA areas on MikroTik 11:51
–Course 2 – Learn MikroTik ROUTE with Hands-on LABS from scratch 02:49:41
Introduction – Why we need routing? 01:16
Why we need routing – Explanation 13:10
Static Route vs Dynamic Route – Explanation 11:06
Configure static route & static default route – LAB4 18:04
Static Floating Route – Introduction 01:44
Configure Static Floating Route – LAB5 19:59
Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) Routing – Introduction 03:29
Configure Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) Routing – LAB6 15:56
RIP dynamic routing protocol – Introduction 02:06
Understanding RIP – Part 1 11:12
Understanding RIP – Part 2 13:21
Configure & enable RIP on MikroTik routers – LAB7 15:08
Configure Passive-interface, RIPv1 and RIPv2 on MikroTik Routers – LAB8 13:13
Configure RIP authentication on MikroTik routers – LAB9 13:46
Configure RIP neighbors and route redistribution – LAB10 16:11
–Bonus – Get my other courses with a discounted price 01:45
Discount on my other courses 01:45

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