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Controlled Access Point system Manager  مخفف CAPsMAN در میکروتیک، مدیریت متمرکز تجهیزات وایرلس و در صورت لزوم مدیریت پردازش مرکزی داده ها را در میکروتیک در اختیار شما قرار می دهد. زمانی که از قابلیت CAPsMAN در میکروتیک استفاده می کنیم شبکه ما شامل تعدادی Controlled Access Points – CAP برای برقراری ارتباط های وایرلس و یک system Manager- CAPsMAN می باشد که مدیریت تنظیمات و همچنین امنیت و در صورت نیاز مدیریت داده های station ها را انجام می دهد…

در دوره MikroTik CAPsMAN with LABs در قالب یک لابلاتوار آموزشی شما با نحوه فعال سازی CAPsMAN و CAPs بر روی روتر میکروتیک، نحوه اتصال CAPsMAN با CAPs از طریق لایه 2 و لایه 3، نحوه پیکربندی کانال های بی سیم متفاوت از طریق CAPsMAN، نحوه پیکربندی security profiles با SSID متفاوت، پیکربندی Datapath در میکروتیک، نحوه به روزرسانی RouterOS های CAPs از طریق CAPsMAN و … به صورت جامع آشنا می شوید.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی دوره میکروتیک – MikroTik CAPsMAN with LABs


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This course includes

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Language: English
Publisher: Udemy
Video: 3 hours on-demand
Created by: Maher Haddad
Last updated: 3/2019

What you’ll learn

How to enable CAPsMAN on a MikroTik router
How to enable CAPs on MikroTik routers
How to connect the CAPs to the CAPsMAN via layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity
Usage of certificate between the CAPsMAN and the CAPs
How to configure different wireless channels from the CAPsMAN
How to configure security profiles to different wireless SSID’s
What is the use of Datapath and how to configure
How to create Configuration containers
How to apply the configuration containers in the provisioning of the CAPs
How to create different VLAN’s on the wireless for normal users and Guest users
What is Access-list and how to use it
How to upgrade the RouterOS of the CAPs from the CAPsMAN
How to have a 2nd CAPsMAN to act as a failover one


Have a basic TCP/IP and networking knoweldge
Be familiar with the wireless concepts such as frequency, power, bands etc..
Have already experience with MikroTik and Winbox


Many of you as network engineers have been requested to install a complete wireless network in a hotel, mall or exhibitions so the Wi-Fi covers the whole area to allow users to enjoy the wireless internet connectivity. In such a complex network, you require 10’s and sometimes 100’s of Wireless Access Points (APs) to provide the full coverage.

Those APs require configuration to let them work, so if you have for example 100 APs to configure then you need to configure them one by one and this takes a lot of time.

In our case, we can use MikroTik CAPsMAN so all MikroTik AP’s can be controlled from one device and all settings on the Wireless can be changed from the CAPsMAN MikroTik Router – and this is the mission of this course.

In this course, I will show you how you can connect all APs to the CAPsMAN and how you can control everything from the CAPsMAN itself. With a real LAB scenario, I will show you step by step how you can configure everything at the CAPsMAN then we will connect to the wireless and see that it is going to be working without any problem.

Topics that will be covered in this course are:

Initial Configuration on the CAPsMAN
Connect the CAPs to the CAPsMAN with and without certificates
Create Channels in CAPsMAN
Create Security profiles in CAPsMAN
Create Configuration containers in the CAPsMAN
Create Datapaths in CAPsMAN
Make Provisioning in the CAPsMAN
Configure VLAN’s on CAPsMAN
Create Access lists
Make a backup CAPsMAN for failover

MikroTik CAPsMAN is very required and information about how to configure it is not very clear, so this course can be like a reference for you to understand in details with LABS how to make ی works.

I hope that you will enjoy my course.

Who this course is for:

Wireless network engineers interested to understand how to configure CAPsMAN
Network engineers who would like to gain knowledge to building a centralized wireless network using CAPsMAN
Students who wish to expand their knowledge in MikroTik

Course content

All 11 lectures02:47:11
+Connecting CAPs & CAPsMAN 1 lecture21:14
+CAPsMAN Channels 1 lecture16:28
+CAPsMAN security Configurations 1 lecture05:53
+CAPsMAN Datapath 1 lecture18:28
+CAPsMAN Configuration Container 1 lecture15:25
+CAPsMAN Provisioning1 lecture13:36
+VLANs on the CAPsMAN 1 lecture14:36
+CAPs RouterOS upgrade 1 lecture21:15
+CAPsMAN Access-list 1 lecture14:47
+CAPsMAN Backup and Failover 2 lectures25:29

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