ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus Build 5423

نرم افزار ManageEngine Exchage Reporter Plus محصولی قدرتمند و تحت وب جهت آنالیز و تحلیل وضعیت موجود و ایجاد گزارش های مختلف از سرور های مایکروسافت اکسچنج (Microsoft Exchange) می باشد. به کمک نرم افزار ManageEngine Exchange Reporter میتوانید گزارشاتی از محدودیت های حجم میل باکس (Mailbox)، گزارشاتی از کاربران فعال و میل باکس های غیر فعال و گزارش در خصوص تعداد پیام های هر فولدر و حجم آن، گزارش ورود موفق کاربران اکسچنج، گزارش از Office 365، نظارت بر احراز هویت کاربران از طریق اکتیو دایرکتوری و … انجام دهید.

لینک دانلود نرم افزار ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus Build 5423 + لایسنس


دانلود – ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus x64 – حجم : 100 مگابايت
دانلود – ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus x86 حجم : 96 مگابايت

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What is Exchange Reporter Plus?

Microsoft Exchange Server is, by and large the most popular communication, collaboration and email messaging application today. Microsoft Exchange serves as the hub of all email communications in most corporate environments that use the Active Directory technology. It becomes a necessity to have an Exchange reporting tool that will equip an Exchange Administrator with precise, granular, comprehensive and actionable data on all aspects of the MS Exchange Server.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers. Exchange Reporter Plus is a comprehensive MS Exchange reporting software that provides over 100 different reports on every aspect of the Microsoft Exchange Server environment.

What problems does it solve?

Track incoming and outgoing email message, monitor mailbox size, perform Exchange traffic analysis and keep spam away from Active Directory mailboxes with Mailbox Traffic, Mailbox Content, and Mailbox Size Reports.
Access real-time monitoring reports on Exchange database and server; ensure Exchange health and smooth functionality of server roles.
Keep up with ActiveSync traffic in your organization by obtaining elaborate reports on ActiveSync usage, sync requests, policy details, status information & device details.
Keep a tab on the number of messages sent and received by each Exchange server using Server Traffic Reports.
Monitor the vital statistics of Exchange Server Public Folders with comprehensive Public Folder Reports.
Generate reports on Distribution Lists and also show the traffic for each distribution by running Distribution Lists Traffic Report!

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