Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0 – دوره طراحی شبکه سیسکو

دوره آموزشی CCDA Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0 یکی از دوره های شرکت سیسکو با گرایش design یا طراحی می باشد. این دوره برای مهندسین شبکه ای که یک شبکه ی درون سازمانی را تحت کنترل خود دارند طراحی شده تا مباحث اولیه ی طراحی و راه اندازی یک سیستم شبکه را آموخته و آن را تحت کنترل خود قرار دهند. با گذراندن این دوره، متخصص می تواند شبکه هایی در سطح دانشگاهی، دیتاسنتر، امنیت، صوت و شبکه های وایرلس را راه اندازی کرده و مدیریت کند. از اهداف دوره Cisco CCDA DESGN می توان به یادگیری اصول طراحی شبکه، طراحی انتقال صوت بر بستر اینترنت، طراحی راه حل های وایرلس، ارزیابی و مدیریت امنیت شبکه، انتخاب بهینه پروتکل مسیر دهی برای شبکه و… اشاره کرد.

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Format: Video + PDF
Publisher: Cisco Learning Network

In this course, you will learn how to design a strong and effective network as you prepare for the Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certification. Our enhancements to Cisco’s authorized content, combined with case-study practice and our exclusive exam practice homework, will prepare you for the exam in only five days.

Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v3.0

How to identify designed requirements and characterize (baseline) the existing network
Principles of network design and the guidelines for building a network design solution
How the Enterprise Composite Network model simplifies the complexity of today’s networks
Design an Enterprise Campus in a hierarchical modular fashion using Cisco Borderless Networks and modular design
Design Enterprise Campus and Enterprise Edge networks
Select the appropriate Network Management Solution
Design the WAN and branch office
Design a network addressing plan for IPv4 and IPv6
Select optimal routing protocols for the network
Design a modern data center using Cisco and industry best practices
Evaluate security solutions for the network
Design Voice, Video, and Collaboration solutions
Design a wireless solution using lightweight access points and the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
Understand the role of software defined networks in a design
All topics on the CCDA certification exam
Test-taking tips and techniques


The DESGN Training on Demand is a self-paced course based on the 5-day instructor-led training version. It consists of 37 sections of instructor video and text totaling more than 10 hours of instruction along with interactive activities, 7 hands-on lab exercises, content review questions, and challenge questions.


CCNA certification is highly recommended
Familiarity with basic internetworking technologies such as LAN, WAN, bridging, switching, protocols, and network management


Network engineers and architects
Systems administrators and network designers
Anyone who wants CCDA certification
IT managers wanting greater skill in network design

Course Outline

● Section 1: Design Life Cycle
● Section 2: Characterizing Existing Network
● Section 3: Top-Down Approach
● Section 4: Building a Modular Network
● Section 5: Applying Modularity: Hierarchy in a Network
● Section 6: Applying Modularity: Virtualization Overview
● Section 7: Asking the Right Questions (Paper Lab 1)
● Section 8: Layer2/Layer 3 Demarcation
● Section 9: Layer 2 Design Considerations
● Section 10: High Availability Design Considerations
● Section 11: Layer 3 Design Considerations
● Section 12: Traffic and Interconnections
● Section 13: Design LAN (Paper Lab 2)
● Section 14: Designing a Secure Network
● Section 15: Edge Connectivity Design
● Section 16: WAN Design
● Section 17: Branch Design
● Section 18: Connecting to the Data Center
● Section 19: Design Branch’s Connections to the HQ (Paper Lab 3)
● Section 20: Routing Protocol Considerations© 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates
● Section 21: Expanding EIGRP Design
● Section 22: Expanding OSPF Design
● Section 23: Introducing IS-IS
● Section 24: Expanding IS-IS Design
● Section 25: Using BGP to Connect to the Internet
● Section 26: Design Branch Routing (Paper Lab 4)
● Section 27: Understanding Quality of Service
● Section 28: Supporting Wireless Access
● Section 29: Integrating Collaboration
● Section 30: Design Support for Wireless and Collaboration (Paper Lab 5)
● Section 31: Concepts of Good IP Addressing
● Section 32: Creating an Addressing Plan for IPv4
● Section 33: Design IPv4 Addressing Plan (Paper Lab 6)
● Section 34: IPv6 Addressing
● Section 35: Supporting IP Addressing
● Section 36: Design IPv6 Addressing Plan (Paper Lab 7)
● Section 37: SDN Overview

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