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Wireshark Revealed: Essential Skills for IT Professionals – این کتاب با نصب وایرشارک شروع میشود، در ادامه با مانیتور کردن، شناسایی و فیلتر کردن بسته های ترافیکی مورد نظر، و ذخیره آنها در یک فایل جهت تجزیه و تحلیل بعدی، آشنا می شوید. سپس روشهای مختلفی را برای ایجاد و استفاده از فیلترهای مانیتور و نمایش را کشف خواهید کرد. در نیمه راه از طریق این کتاب، به ویژگی های وایرشارک تسلط خواهید یافت و چگونگی تجزیه و تحلیل لایه های مختلف پروتکل شبکه، اترنت و سوئیچینگ LAN را از طریق IP TCP / UDP با تمرکز در مشکلات عملکرد TCP، همچنین بر امنیت WLAN، HTTP، پست الکترونیکی، DNS و دیگر پروتکل ها مورد بررسی قرار میگیرد.

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Book Details
ISBN 139781788833226
James H Baxter, Yoram Orzach, Charit Mishra
December 2017
Packt Publishing٬
Price £46.20
Paperback 912 pages

Book Description

This Learning Path starts off installing Wireshark, before gradually taking you through your first packet capture, identifying and filtering out just the packets of interest, and saving them to a new file for later analysis. You will then discover different ways to create and use capture and display filters. By halfway through the book, you’ll be mastering Wireshark Revealed features, analyzing different layers of the network protocol, and looking for any anomalies.We then start Ethernet and LAN switching, through IP, and then move on to TCP/UDP with a focus on TCP performance problems. It also focuses on WLAN security.

Then, we go through application behavior issues including HTTP, mail, DNS, and other common protocols. This book finishes with a look at network forensics and how to locate security problems that might harm the network.This course provides you with highly practical content explaining Metasploit from the following books:

Wireshark Revealed: Essential Skills for IT Professionals

Table of Contents

1: Getting Acquainted with Wireshark
2: Networking for Packet Analysts
3: Capturing All the Right Packets
4: Configuring Wireshark
5: Network Protocols
6: Troubleshooting and Performance Analysis
7: Packet Analysis for Security Tasks
8: Command-line and Other Utilities
9: Introducing Wireshark
10: Using Capture Filters
11: Using Display Filters
12: Using Basic Statistics Tools

13: Using Advanced Statistics Tools
14: Using the Expert Infos Window
15: Ethernet, LAN Switching, and Wireless LAN
16: ARP and IP Analysis
17: UDP/TCP Analysis
18: HTTP and DNS
19: Analyzing Enterprise Applications’ Behavior
20: SIP, Multimedia, and IP Telephony
21: Troubleshooting Bandwidth and Delay Problems
22: Understanding Network Security
23: Welcome to the World of Packet Analysis with Wireshark
24: Filtering Our Way in Wireshark
25: Mastering the Advanced Features of Wireshark
26: Inspecting Application Layer Protocols
27: Analyzing Transport Layer Protocols
28: Analyzing Traffic in Thin Air
29: Network Security Analysis
30: Troubleshooting
31: Introduction to Wireshark v2

What You Will Learn

Discover how packet analysts view networks and the role of protocols at the packet level Capture and isolate all the right packets to perform a thorough analysis using Wireshark’s extensive capture and display filtering capabilities Decrypt encrypted wireless traffic Use Wireshark as a diagnostic tool and also for network security analysis to keep track of malware Find and resolve problems due to bandwidth, throughput, and packet loss Identify and locate faults in communication applications including HTTP, FTP, mail, and various other applications – Microsoft OS problems, databases, voice, and video over IP
Identify and locate faults in detecting security failures and security breaches in the network

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