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سرویس Internet Information Service یا به اختصار همان IIS 10 وب سرور قدرتمند، قابل انعطاف، امن و با قابلیت کاربری آسان و محصول شرکت مایکروسافت می باشد که امکاناتی بسیار زیادی از قبیل Media Streaming، میزبانی وب (هاستینگ)، Application و … را در اختیار وب سایت های مربوطه قرار می دهد. وب سرور IIS برای ایجاد، مدیریت و هاستینگ وب سایت ها مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. این نرم افزار از امکاناتی مانند HTTP ،HTTPS ،SMTP ،FTP،SFTP و NNTP به خوبی پشتیبانی می نماید و به صورت کامل با ویندوز سرور سازگار می باشد.

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IIS 10: Essentials for Administration (IT Pro Solutions)
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IIS 10: Essentials for Administration (IT Pro Solutions)

English | 10 Apr. 2017 | ASIN: B06W5GM7BP | 397 Pages | by William Stanek

A hands-on, personalized guide to IIS, covering all release versions from 10 to 7 for all current Windows and Windows Server operating systems.Practical and precise, this hands-on IIS guide with ready answers is designed for IT professionals. Inside, you’ll find expert insights, tips, tricks and workarounds that will show you how to make the most of IIS in the shortest amount of time possible. During the course of reading this book, you will master a number of complex topics, techniques, commands and functions.

This book, IIS 10: Essentials for Administration, is designed to be used with IIS: Web Apps, Security & Maintenance. While this book focuses on administration tasks, including:

Installing web and application servers
Configuring IIS roles and features
Optimizing IIS servers for remote administration
Working with IIS services
Using PowerShell with IIS
Managing the global server configuration
Customizing modules and managing their settings
Using shared configurations
Hosting multiple sites on a server
Optimizing site configuration
Creating secured web sites
Configure a site’s application pool
Managing ports, IP addressing, and host names
Configuring access permissions for sites and virtual directories
Controlling directory browsing and file access
Customizing browser redirection and redirecting app requests
Customizing default documents, HTTP headers and error messages
Configuring MIME types
Tracking server statistics and logging

The latter book focuses on additional functionality, such as:

Managing ISAPI and CGI application settings
Optimizing ASP and ASP.NET settings
Configuring .NET Framework settings
Creating and using custom applications
Working with application pools
Managing work processes
Maintaining application health and performance
Enhancing server security
Using Group Policy with IIS 10
Managing feature delegation and remote administration
Using SSL encryption and certificates
Optimizing IIS performance
Backing up and recovering IIS 10
Using diagnostics tools
Detecting and resolving IIS errors
Resolving SSL issues
Examining logs and performing traces

Using the books together, you can answer most of the everyday questions you’ll have with IIS.

Not only will this informative training manual help you become familiar with many new ideas, it’ll help you master IIS in the shortest amount of time possible. After completing your IIS journey with this in-depth guide, you will be better prepared to support IIS.

Get the focused information you need to solve problems and get the job done.


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