Microsoft IIS 10.0 Cookbook

سرویس Internet Information Service یا به اختصار همان IIS وب سرور قدرتمند، قابل انعطاف، امن و با قابلیت کاربری آسان و محصول شرکت مایکروسافت می باشد که امکاناتی بسیار زیادی از قبیل Media Streaming، میزبانی وب (هاستینگ)، Application و … را در اختیار وب سایت های مربوطه قرار می دهد. وب سرور IIS برای ایجاد، مدیریت و هاستینگ وب سایت ها مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. این نرم افزار از امکاناتی مانند HTTP ،HTTPS ،SMTP ،FTP،SFTP و NNTP به خوبی پشتیبانی می نماید و به صورت کامل با ویندوز سرور سازگار می باشد.

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 Microsoft IIS 10.0 Cookbook
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Microsoft IIS 10.0 Cookbook

Book Details
ISBN 139781787126671
Paperback410 pages

Book Description
This book will start with customizing your IIS 10 to various platforms/OS and tune it according to your business requirements. Moving on, we will focus on the functionalities of core fundamentals and perform practical scenarios in order to maximize the use of a reliable web server. Going further we will be covering topics like IIS 10 architecture, IIS modules,hosting web server platforms, virtual directories along with web site deployment, ports, enhanced security. We will also cover new features of IIS 10 like integration with Windows Server 2016 and Nano Server, HTTP/2, PowerShell 5 cmdlets etc . Towards the end, we will cover troubleshooting & diagnostic techniques of IIS 10.

By the end of this book you will be well versed with maximizing the reliability of your webserver and will have immense knowledge in using IIS 10 effectively

Table of Contents
1: Integrating IIS 10.0 with Windows Server 2016
2: Creating an Application Pool in IIS 10.0
3: Hosting Multiple Websites on IIS 10.0
4: Constructing Virtual Directories in IIS 10.0
5: Installing HTTP/2 on IIS 10.0
6: Getting Your Wildcard Host Up and Running
7: Deploying IIS 10.0 on Nano Server
8: Configuring IIS Administration with PowerShell Cmdlets
9: Enabling ASP.NET Core with IIS on Nano Server
10: Installing and Configuring SSL Websites
11: Extending IIS 10.0 to FTP
12: Securing Your Websites on IIS 10.0
13: Managing and Troubleshooting IIS 10.0

What You Will Learn
Integrate IIS 10.0 on Windows server 2016
Host multiple websites and Wildcard Host on IIS 10.0
Deploy and administrate IIS 10.0 on Nano Server.
IIS administration with Powershell.
Manage and troubleshoot IIS 10.0

Ashraf Khan

Ashraf Khan works as the Head Of Network Operating System Unit, with a diverse background in production systems, Network Administration, and Solutions Architecture. He has the MCSE-Server, MCSE-Messaging, MCSE-Cloud, CCNA, ITIL & Prince2 certifications. He has more than 13 years of experience in sectors such as IT infrastructure and private and government sectors located in India and the UAE and remote support for USA and worldwide for physical and virtual server environment IT management, implementation, planning, disaster recovery, testing, and technical support.


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