CWTS, CWS, and CWT Complete Study Guide: Exams PW0-071, CWS-2017, CWT-2017 کتاب راهنما گواهی‌نامه‌ تکنولوژی بی‌سیم

بر خلاف مدارکی چون CCNA Wireless که بر روی محصولات سیسکو و MTCWE که بر روی محصولات میکروتیک تمرکز دارند، مدارک CWNP بر روی محصول خاصی تمرکز نداشته و به محصولات گوناگون می‌پردازد، همین مسئله موجب شده‌ است که علاقه‌مندان به Wireless شرکت در دوره‌ها و امتحانات را نسبت به سایر مدارک Wireless در اولویت قرار دهند! CWTS مخفف Certified Wireless Technology Specialist و نام مدرک سطح Entry شبکه‌های بی سیم است که می‌توان آن را بهترین آغاز برای تحصیل در شبکه‌های بی سیم تلقی نمود! در دروه‌های CWTS شما با مفاهیم اولیه فرکانس‌های رادیویی(RF)، استاندارهای شبکه‌های بی سیم، امنیت شبکه بی سیم و … آشنا شده و برای ادامه تحصیل در سطوح بالاتر آماده می‌شوید…

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  Sybex CWTS, CWS, and CWT Complete Study Guide: Exams PW0-071, CWS-2017, CWT-2017
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Sybex CWTS, CWS, and CWT Complete Study Guide: Exams PW0-071, CWS-2017, CWT-2017

Author: Robert J. Bartz
Length: 600 pages
Edition: 1
Language: English
Publisher: Sybex
Publication Date: 2017-10-16
ISBN-10: 1119385032
ISBN-13: 9781119385035

The must-have guide to the CWTS exam, updated for 2017

Book Description
CWTS Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Study Guide is your number-one resource for comprehensive exam preparation. Updated to study in 2017 and beyond, this book takes a multi-modal approach to ensure your complete confidence and ability for the big day: full coverage of all CWTS exam objectives reinforces your conceptual knowledge, hands-on exercises help hone your practical skills, and the Sybex online learning environment provides flashcards, a glossary, and review questions to help you test your understanding along the way. An objective map and pre-assessment test allow for more efficient preparation by showing you what you already know and what you need to review—and the companion website’s complete practice exams give you a “dry run” so you can pinpoint weak areas while there’s still time to improve. If you’re serious about earning your CWTS certification, this book is your ideal companion for complete and thorough preparation.

Learn critical concepts and apply essential skills in areas like hardware and software, radio frequency fundamentals, surveying and installation, support, troubleshooting, security, and more. This guide gives you everything you need to approach the exam with confidence.

Master 100 percent of the CWTS exam objectives
Use effective planning tools to get the most out of your study time
Practice your skills with hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios

Access online study aids that let you review any time, any place

The CWTS certification gets your foot in the door of a growing industry, and is a stepping stone to the industry standard CWNP certification. The exam will test your abilities in all fundamental areas of Wi-Fi technology, so it’s important that your study plan be complete and up-to-date. CWTS Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Study Guide is your ideal solution for comprehensive preparation.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Computer Networking Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Wireless Local Area Networking, Standards, and Certifications
Chapter 3 Infrastructure and Client Devices Used with Wireless Networking
Chapter 4 Radio Frequency Fundamentals for Wireless Networking
Chapter 5 Antenna Technology for Wireless Networking
Chapter 6 Communication for Wireless Networking
Chapter 7 Modulation Technology for Wireless Networking
Chapter 8 Security Fundamentals for Wireless Networking
Chapter 9 Design for Wireless Networking
Chapter 10 Mobile Device Management and BYOD Fundamentals
Chapter 11 Troubleshooting for Wireless Networking


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