Fortinet Fortigate Firewall – Admin Crash Course

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دوره Fortinet Fortigate Firewall – Admin Crash Course محصول شرکت Udemy در خصوص نحوه مدیریت فایروال فورتی گیت و همپنین پیکریندی پروفایل های مختلف مدیریتی، جدول مک، WirePair مجازی، ایجاد Vlan، درک توپولوژی های مربوط به شبکه، پیکربندی VPN (ipsec و ssl VPN)،  تکنیک های ترجمه آدرس شبکه، Nat Overload، IP مجازی، استخر های آی پی، پیکربندی NAT مرکزی، درک روش های مسیریابی، ایجاد مسیرهای ایستا، بررسی وضعیت سیستم فایروال فورتی گیت، نحوه  پشتیبان گیری از پیکربندی فایروال فورتی گیت و … آموزش داده می شود.

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Language: English + sub
Price: €199.99
Created by: Ofer Shmueli
Last updated: 6/2019
Publisher: Udemy
Video: 3 hours on-demand

What you’ll learn

Students will learn to administrate their fortigate next generation firewall


Understand basic TCP and IPV4 concepts


Learn Fortinet Fortigate FW Fundamentals is the First course in Udemy , that teaches you to administrate your fortigate FW , from the very start.

In this course , you will learn how to set up:

Different admin profiles

Operate your fortigate in NAT and Transparent mode

Virtual WirePair

Forward Domains

Mac Table

Create Vlan’s

Understand relevant Network Topologies to your FW

Configure VPN’s ( ipsec and ssl VPN )

Understand Network address translation techniques

Nat Overload

Virtual IP

Ip Pools

Central NAT

Understand Routing

Create static routes

Set Up Interfaces in different Modes and Services

Check System Status

Back up your configuration

Master the CLI syntax

Understand policy routes

AND Much Much More …

this course is all hands-on, no fancy slides, only admin page and many CLI commands

This Course is being instructed by A fortinet Certified Trainer ( FCT )

Who this course is for:

Beginners to network security, and professionals who have experience with checkpoint, palo alto and other vendors FW and want to get to know Fortigate FW

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