Cloud Security Handbook

امنیت ابر (Cloud Security) مجموعه ای از استراتژی ها و روش ها برای محافظت از داده ها و برنامه هایی است که در ابر میزبانی می شوند. مانند امنیت سایبری ، امنیت ابری حوزه بسیار گسترده ای است و هرگز نمی توان از انواع حمله ها جلوگیری کرد. با این حال ، یک استراتژی امنیتی ابری که به خوبی طراحی شده است ، خطر حملات سایبری را بسیار کاهش می دهد…

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Date: April 2022
Publisher: Packt
Pages: 456
By: Eyal Estrin
Format: EPUB, PDF
ISBN: 9781800569195

Securing resources in the cloud is challenging, given that each provider has different mechanisms and processes. Cloud Security Handbook helps you to understand how to embed security best practices in each of the infrastructure building blocks that exist in public clouds.

This book will enable information security and cloud engineers to recognize the risks involved in public cloud and find out how to implement security controls as they design, build, and maintain environments in the cloud. You’ll begin by learning about the shared responsibility model, cloud service models, and cloud deployment models, before getting to grips with the fundamentals of compute, storage, networking, identity management, encryption, and more. Next, you’ll explore common threats and discover how to stay in compliance in cloud environments. As you make progress, you’ll implement security in small-scale cloud environments through to production-ready large-scale environments, including hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments. This book not only focuses on cloud services in general, but it also provides actual examples for using AWS, Azure, and GCP built-in services and capabilities.

By the end of this cloud security book, you’ll have gained a solid understanding of how to implement security in cloud environments effectively.


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