CCIE Evolving Technologies V1.1: CCIE Written Exam Cert Guide Series

Evolving Technologies V1.1 -گواهینامه ی Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert یا CCIE یک مدرک تخصصی می‌باشد که توسط شرکت سیسکو سیستمز ارائه می گردد. مدرک CCIE، مهارت و دانش دارنده ی آن را در زمینه‌های طراحی، راه اندازی و رفع اشکال شبکه‌های پیچیده و زیرساختی تجهیزات سیسکو در بازه ی وسیعی از تجهیزات این شرکت تأیید می‌کند. شرکت سیسکو سیستمز مدرک CCIE را معتبرترین مدرک شبکه در صنعت قلمداد می‌کند. گواهینامه ی CCIE مجموعه‌ای از مهارتهای بسیار دقیق و گسترده از علم شبکه می‌باشد.

با توجه به گزارش‌های شرکت سیسکو تنها کمتر از 3% از مهندسان شبکه‌ای که مدرک سیسکو دارند برای دریافت آن اقدام می‌کنند و این عدد در میان مهندسانی که پیشینه ی مدرک سیسکو ندارند به 1% کاهش میابد. به‌طور میانگین یک کاندیدای آزمون CCIE در حدود هیجده ماه نیاز به مطالعه دارد.

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English | August 5, 2018 | ISBN: B07G71TC43 | 138 pages

This guide is for anyone who’s studying for the CCIE written exam and feels that he or she could take some help with regard to Cloud, Network Programmability and IoT related topics. These are areas that most network engineers do not work on in their day to day lives. CCIE Evolving Technologies V1.1 Each customer will also get complementary access to an Evolving Technologies V1.1 Quiz on Each exam topic has an “Exam Essentials” and a “Further Reading” section, which you can refer to if you are looking for key exam related takeaways and more in-depth details respectively. “Further Reading” web links are handpicked and contain in-depth information on some of the exam topics and we have done the research for you.

Table of Contents

Part I: Cloud

Chapter 1: Compare and Contrast Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud Design Considerations
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
Platform as a service (PaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Performance, Scalability, and High Availability
Security Implications, Compliance, and Policy
Workload Migration

Chapter 2: Describe Cloud Infrastructure and Operations
Compute Virtualization (containers and virtual machines)
Connectivity (virtual switches, SD-WAN and SD-Access)
Virtualization Functions (NFVi, VNF, and L4/L1)
Automation and Orchestration Tools (cloud center, DNA-center, and Kubernetes)

Part II: Network Programmability

Chapter 3: Describe Architectural and Operational Considerations for a Programmable Network
Data Models and Structures (YANG, JSON and XML)
Device Programmability (gRPC, NETCONF and RESTCONF)
Controller Based Network Design (policy driven configuration and northbound/ southbound APIs)
Configuration Management Tools (agent and agentless) and Version Control Systems (Git and SVN)

Part III: Internet of Things

Chapter 4: Describe Architectural Framework and Deployment Considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT Technology Stack (IoT Network Hierarchy, data acquisition and flow)
IoT Standards and Protocols (characteristics within IT and OT environment)
IoT Security (network segmentation, device profiling, and secure remote access)
IoT Edge and Fog Computing (data aggregation and edge intelligence)

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