CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC Practice Tests – کتاب کامپتیا لینوکس تست و تمرین

کامپتیا لینوکس پلاس (CompTIA Linux+) یکی از مدارک معتبر و شناخته شده برای برای متخصصانی است که با پلتفرم های منبع باز (Open Source) کار می کنند و کسب این مدرک به منظور داشتن 6 تا 12 ماه تجربه کاری با پلتفرم لینوکس و مهارت هایی نظیر مدیریت Linux Systems با استفاده از Command Line، مدیریت کاربران، File System Permission، پیکربندی نرم افزارها و مدیریت Client ها در لینوکس می باشد. ال‌پی‌ای یا بنیاد حرفه‌ای لینوکس (Linux Professional Institute) تاییدنامه ای به نام LPIC را ارائه می‌دهد که میزان توانایی اشخاص در زمینه مدیریت شبکه و یا برنامه نویسی لینوکس‌ را تضمین می‌کند.

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CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC Practice Tests: Exams LX0-103/LPIC-1 101-400, LX0-104/LPIC-1 102-400, LPIC-2 201, and LPIC-2 202

Author: Steve Suehring
Length: 432 pages
Edition: 1
Language: English
Publisher: Sybex
Publication Date: 2017-04-17
ISBN-10: 1119372690
ISBN-13: 9781119372691

CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC Practice Tests provide 100% coverage of all exam objectives for both the CompTIA Linux+ exams LX0-103 and LX0-104, and the LPIC exams 101-400, 102-400, and 201and 202, through 1,200+ expertly crafted practice questions. These easy to navigate practice questions cover the Linux+ and LPIC-1 exams, covering all 10 domains. The second part covers the LPIC-2 exam, covering all 13 LPIC-2 domains. An additional two 60-question practice exams per section help you gauge your readiness — and hone your test-taking strategy — well in advance of exam day, giving you the thorough preparation you need to approach the exam with confidence.

  • You will also gain access to the Sybex interactive learning environment where you have access to all questions and can create your own practice tests based on areas further review is needed
  • Master the skills and concepts on the LPIC-1 and the LPIC-2 exams
  • Gauge your understanding with unique practice tests for each exam domain
  • Identify weak points and prioritize your preparation
  • Preview exam day with four 60-question practice exams

Practice tests are among the most effective exam preparation strategies. These tests are designed to mimic the Linux+, LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams, giving you the practice you need to ensure you are fully prepared. This book can be used alone or with the Sybex study guides and deluxe study guides. Start preparing for your Linux certification today.

Table of Contents

Part I CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1
Chapter 1 System Architecture (Domain 101)
Chapter 2 Linux Installation and Package Management(Domain 102)
Chapter 3 GNU and Unix Commands (Domain 103)
Chapter 4 Devices, Linux Filesystems, and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (Domain 104)
Chapter 5 Working with Shells, Scripting, and Data Management (Domain 105)
Chapter 6 Understanding User Interfaces and Desktops (Domain 106)
Chapter 7 Administrative Tasks (Domain 107)
Chapter 8 Essential System Services (Domain 108)
Chapter 9 Networking Fundamentals (Domain 109)
Chapter 10 Security (Domain 110)

Part II LPIC-2
Chapter 11 Capacity Planning (Topic 200)
Chapter 12 Linux Kernel (Topic 201)
Chapter 13 System Startup (Topic 202)
Chapter 14 Filesystems and Devices (Topic 203)
Chapter 15 Advanced Storage Device Administration (Topic 204)
Chapter 16 Networking Configuration (Topic 205)
Chapter 17 System Maintenance (Topic 206)
Chapter 18 Domain Name Server (Topic 207)
Chapter 19 HTTP Services (Topic 208)
Chapter 20 File Sharing (Topic 209)
Chapter 21 Network Client Management (Topic 210)
Chapter 22 E-Mail Services (Topic 211)
Chapter 23 System Security (Topic 212)
Chapter 24 Practice Test 1
Chapter 25 Practice Test 2
Chapter 26 Practice Test 3
Chapter 27 Practice Test 4

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