CASP+ Practice Tests: Exam CAS-003

مدیریت ریسک در مرکز تصمیم گیری های سازمان در رابطه با امنیت سایبری میباشد و یکی از مهمترین بخش های امنیت سایبری میباشد. در دوره CASP+ شما با استراتژی های کاهش خطر و کنترل خطرات امنیتی، سیاست های حفظ حریم خصوصی و روش های مدیریت ریسک و ارزیابی ریسک آشنا می شوید. در ادامه نمونه سوالات دوره CASP+ Practice Tests: Exam CAS-003 جهت شرکت در آزمون CAS-003 قرارداده شده است.

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Publisher: Wiley
Date: August 2020
Pages: 400
Format: PDF
ISBN: 978-1-119-68372-8
By: Nadean H. Tanner


Power through your CASP+ Exam CAS-003 preparation with these invaluable practice questions

For those studying for the CASP+ Exam CAS-003, Nadean H. Tanner’s CASP+ Practice Tests Exam CAS-003 will help you make the most of your prep time. The included two practice exams, domain-by-domain questions, and the accompanying Sybex interactive learning environment and online test bank will help you focus your efforts, gauge your progress, and improve your understanding of the necessary objectives.

CASP+ Practice Tests Exam CAS-003 provides readers with practice questions that cover the five CASP+ objective domains:

Risk Management
Enterprise Security Architecture
Enterprise Security Operations
Technical Integration of Enterprise Security
Research, Development, and Collaboration

Specifically written for IT professionals studying for the CASP+ Exam CAS-003, this book is also a perfect refresher for anyone seeking to brush up on their IT cybersecurity knowledge. The practice exams and domain-by-domain questions combine to provide readers with over 1,000 practice questions to help validate your knowledge and optimize your preparation.

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