Windows Server 2016, Hybrid Identity, and Access Management Recipes – هویت ترکیبی و دستور العمل های مدیریت دسترسی ویندوز سرور

Windows Server 2016, Hybrid Identity, and Access Management Recipes – امنیت سرور یکی از تخصصی ترین مباحث موجود در حوزه فناوری اطلاعات است. پایه و اساس سایت ها و اطلاعات موجود در بستر وب با امنیت سرور معنی پیدا می کنند. امنیت سرور مجموعه ای از مباحث امنیت شبکه ، امنیت سیستم عامل ، امنیت وب سرویس ها و کانفیگ امنیتی آنها را شامل می شود. در این مقاله سعی بر این خواهد بود که با طرح تمامی ملزومات موضوع امنیت سرور را بررسی و نتیجه گیری کنیم.

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Jochen Nickel
Monday, February 26, 2018
ISBN 139781787125292
Course Length 2 hours and 53 minutes

Video Description

This course provides practical recipes to handle the administrative tasks of Windows Server 2016 and a suitable hybrid Cloud Identity & Access Management solution. You will get familiar with the related Windows Server 2016 services and the Microsoft Cloud capabilities like Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, and Office 365.

You will be guided through a three-step program. You will build up a solid Azure AD to provide a cloud only scenario with the focus that you can handle the most important tasks. Second, you will deliver a simple hybrid Identity & Access Management solution with a strong focus on the identity synchronization tasks.
Finally, you will learn the related authentication mechanisms to run several authentication scenarios for internal and external users.

Style and Approach

This course is practical and fast-paced with tutorials that put theory into practice. The goal is to aid you in leveraging Windows Server 2016 and the hybrid cloud Identity & Access management components of Microsoft.

Table of Contents

Building a Suitable Azure AD
Configuring a Solid Identity Bridge
Configuring Windows Server 2016 ADFS

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how to build a secure Windows 10 workplace with Azure ADand Microsoft Intune
  • Find out howto manage Azure AD and Office 365 graphical and scripted
  • Build an identity bridge with Windows Server 2016 and Azure AD connect
  • Extend your Azure AD connect for special considerations
  • Configure and customize Windows Server 2016 ADFS for the identity bridge
  • Deliver a global authentication solution for internal and external users
  • Protect your apps and data with strong authentication (MFA & Certificates) mechanisms and conditional access


Jochen Nickel

Jochen Nickel is a Cloud, Identity and Access Management Solution Architect with a focus and technical deep knowledge of Identity and Access Management. He is currently working for inovit GmbH in Switzerland and spends the majority of each work day planning, designing, and implementing Identity and Access Management solutions, single parts such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium and Microsoft Azure Rights Management Services, or complete Enterprise Mobility Suite solutions. He has also been part of many projects, proofs of concepts, reviews, reference architectures, and workshops in this field of technology. Furthermore, he is a Microsoft V-TSP Security, Identity and Access Management, Microsoft Switzerland, and uses his experience for directly managed business accounts in Switzerland. He has also been an established speaker at many technology conferences.

As an active writer and reviewer, Jochen authored Learning Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control and reviewed Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment by Erez Ben-Ari and Bala Natarajan, as well as Windows Server 2012 R2 Administrator Cookbook by Jordan Krause, a Microsoft MVP. He is also reviewing Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Handbook for Packt Publishing.

Committed to continuous learning, he holds Microsoft certifications such as MCSD Azure Solutions Architect, MCITP, MCSE/A Office 365/Private Cloud, MCTS, and many other security titles such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family to recharge, in order to handle such interesting technologies.

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