Implementing NetScaler VPX™ – Second Edition

راهکارهای تخصصی بسیاری وجود دارند که زیرساخت دیتاسنتر را پیچیده نموده و مدیریت آن را دشوار و پرهزینه می‌سازند. با توجه به اینکه روند IT به سرعت در حال تغییر می‌باشند، سازمان‌ها به دنبال محصولاتی تخصصی برای پاسخگویی به شرایط جدید هستند. به علاوه اینکه افزایش محصولات تخصصی برای هر مشکل در طول زمان، موجب بروز افزونگی در زیرساخت دیتاسنتر شده و در نتیجه مدیریت آن را بسیار پرهزینه و دشوار می‌نماید. netscaler شامل نرم افزار و یا سخت افزاری از شرکت سیتریکس میباشد که قابلیت هایی از جمله Gateway-Load balancing-Firewal-GLSB-Content switching-SSL VPN-File sharing رو شامل میشه که میتوان از آن درون سازمان خود و با هر بستری چه VMware vsphere چه Xenserver و Hyper-v و KVM راه اندازی کرد.

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Implementing NetScaler VPX™ – Second Edition

English | 23 Oct. 2015 | ASIN: B015CYBPSO | 202 Pages | by Marius Sandbu

Implement the new features of Citrix NetScaler 11 to optimize and deploy secure web services on multiple virtualization platforms

About This Book

Learn how to design, set up, and deploy NetScaler VPX along with the new Jumbo frames in a virtual environment using your GUI as well as your CLI for both public and private clouds to make all your web applications faster and more secure
Enrich your networking skills utilizing the new features of AAA by following the instructions to optimize network traffic
A step-by-step guide that will show you how to work with the latest NetScaler, 11, by implementing its new features using sample scenarios and real-world examples

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Citrix administrators who are just getting started with NetScaler, have some basic networking skills This book does not require prior experience of NetScaler.

What You Will Learn

Configure different VPN solutions and learn about ICA Proxy, Unified Gateway and SSL VPN
Set up load balancing for SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, SQL and other Citrix components
Gain insights into traffic management with NetScaler, Wireshark, and Citrix Insight
Protect your web services with an application firewall, HTTP, DOS, and AAA
Optimize traffic using front-end optimization, caching, and compression
Deploy a high availability environment
Use NetScaler in public cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon
Advance your network knowledge of TCP and SSL optimization

In Detail

With a large demand for responsive websites and availability of services, IT administrators are faced with an ever-rising need for services that are optimized for speed. NetScaler VPX is a software-based virtual appliance that provides users with the comprehensive NetScaler feature set. Implementing apps and cloud-based services is much easier with its increased service performance and integrated security features.

This book will give you an insight into all the new features that NetScaler VPX™ has to offer. Starting off with the basics, you will learn how to set NetScaler up and configure it in a virtual environment including the new features available in version 11, such as unified gateway and portal theme customization. Next, the book will cover how to deploy NetScalar on Azure and Amazon, and you will also discover how to integrate it with an existing Citrix infrastructure. Next, you will venture into other topics such as load balancing Microsoft and Citrix solutions, configuring different forms of high availability Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), and network optimization. You will also learn how to troubleshoot and analyze data using NetScaler’s extensive array of features.

Finally, you will discover how to protect web services using an application firewall and will get to grips with other features such as HTTP, DOS, and AAA.

Style and approach

This easy-to-follow guide is full of detailed step-by step-instructions on how to implement the key components in NetScaler, using real-world examples and sample scenarios.


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