Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation

Mastering Windows Presentation Foundation – این کتاب یک تجربه عالی برای برنامه نویسان نرم افزار های ویندوز و سرشار از امکانات و تکنیک های برنامه نویسی است. این کتاب به شما نشان خواهد داد چگونه برای ساخت برنامه های کاربردی حرفه ای و کلاس ها و با بررسی جزئیات مفیدی از اتصال داده، رابط کاربری و استفاده از کنترل های داخلی و سفارشی WPF نرم افزار خود را طراحی و پیاده سازی کنید.

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Book Details
ISBN 139781785883002
Paperback 568 pages
Sheridan Yuen
Price £7.50
Packt Publishing
February 2017

Book Description
Windows Presentation Foundation is rich in possibilities when it comes to delivering an excellent user experience. This book will show you how to build professional-grade applications that look great and work smoothly.

We start by providing you with a foundation of knowledge to improve your workflow – this includes teaching you how to build the base layer of the application, which will support all that comes after it. We’ll also cover the useful details of data binding. Next, we cover the user interface and show you how to get the most out of the built-in and custom WPF controls.

The final section of the book demonstrates ways to polish your applications, from adding practical animations and data validation to improving application performance. The book ends with a tutorial on how to deploy your applications and outlines potential ways to apply your new-found knowledge so you can put it to use right away.

Table of Contents
1: A Smarter Way of Working with WPF
2: Debugging WPF Applications
3: Writing Custom Application Frameworks
4: Becoming Proficient with Data Binding
5: Using the Right Controls for the Job
6: Mastering Practical Animations
7: Creating Visually Appealing User Interfaces
8: Implementing Responsive Data Validation
9: Completing That Great User Experience
10: Improving Application Performance
11: Deploying Your Masterpiece Application
12: What Next?

What You Will Learn
Use MVVM to improve workflow
Create visually stunning user interfaces
Perform data binds proficiently
Implement advanced data validation
Locate and resolve errors quickly
Master practical animations
Improve your applications’ performance

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