CCNA Cloud Complete Study Guide: Exam 210-451 and Exam 210-455

CCNA Cloud Complete Study Guide: Exam 210-451 and Exam 210-455 امروزه بسیاری از شرکتها از سیستم cloud برای کمک به چالاکتر و انعطاف پذیرتر بودن و نیز ارائه نتایج بهتر در کسب و کاری که در پیش رو دارند استفاده میکنند. تخمین زده میشود که تا سال 2018 حدود %78 از حجم کارها در شرکتهای بزرگ توسط سیستم پردازش ابری یا کلود انجام خواهد شد. یکی از دو دوره‌ای که دانشجویان را برای آزمون هیجان‌انگیز جدید CCNA Cloud آماده می‌کند. این کتاب شما را برای موفقیت در آزمون سیسکو Exam 210-451 و Exam 210-455 و همچنین استقرار کلود در دنیای واقعی آماده می‌کند.

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ISBN: 978-1-119-40503-0
Todd Montgomery, Stephen Olson
624 pages
Publish 5/8/2018

Increase the value of your organization’s cloud network—and invest in your education

The Cisco Cloud certification validates the skill set of individuals on industry-leading cloud solutions and best practices, as well as offering job role-based curricula for all levels of an IT staff. CCNA Cloud Complete Study Guide prepares you to take two required exams: 210-451, Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals, and 210-455, Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration. It covers everything you can expect to encounter on the exams and also gives you a year of FREE access to Sybex’s superior online interactive learning environment and test bank, including chapter tests, practice exams, a glossary of key terms, and electronic flashcards.

Cisco’s CCNA Cloud certification covers cloud characteristics and models, cloud deployment, and basic knowledge of cloud compute, cloud networking, and cloud storage. It also covers cloud infrastructure administration and reporting, chargeback and billing reports, cloud provisioning, cloud systems management and monitoring, and cloud remediation. With thorough coverage, practical instruction, and expert insight, this book provides an ideal resource for Exam 210-451 and Exam 210-455 preparation.

• Includes an opening list of exam topics
• Provides valuable hands-on exercises
• Offers practical real-world examples
• Distills in-depth perspective from cloud computing experts

This book is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to earn the challenging, but rewarding CCNA Cloud certification.

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