Hacking Wireless Networks – The ultimate hands-on guide کتاب راهنما هک شبکه وایرلس

استفاده از شبکه های بیسیم باعث راحتی کاربران می شود ، کاربر می تواند در نواحی تحت پوشش شبکه ی بیسیم در هر موقعیتی از اینترنت استفاده نماید ، برای استفاده ایمن از شبکه های بیسیم نیاز است کاربر با نکات امنیتی شبکه های بی سیم آشنا باشد…

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 Hacking Wireless Networks
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Hacking Wireless Networks – The ultimate hands-on guide

English | 3 May 2016 | ISBN: 1508476349 | ASIN: B01F5186E0 | 430 Pages | by Andreas Kolokithas

Are you tired of buying security books and at the end discover that they contain only theory and no practical examples at all? Do you want to setup your own hacking lab and learn through practice?

If yes, then this is the book for you!

Hacking Wireless Networks – The ultimate hands-on guide, is a book written for people who seek to practice the techniques of assessing the security of wireless infrastructures.Through 30 real life scenarios and more than 300 figures the book examines in details the following areas:

– Discovery and Profiling of wireless networks
– Denial of Service attacks
– Attacks against WEP secured wireless networks
– Attacks against WPA/WPA2 secured wireless networks
– Bypass techniques for popular Authentication mechanisms
– Encryption keys cracking using special techniques
– Attacks against the Access Point’s management interface
– Attacks against special security features like WPS
– Stealthy techniques to avoid getting caught by wireless IDS

Now that the world agrees that wireless security
is central to computer security, it is time to
put theory into practice.

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  1. Ali says

    سلام.بسیار کتاب خوبی هست به خصوص که از پایه و اساس شروع کرده و درست به مباحث پرداخته شده.در نظر دارم در وقت فراغت کتاب را ترجمه کنم.ممنون.


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