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Deploying Microsoft System Center 2016 Configuration Manager – یکی از مهمترین اعضای مجموعه مدیریتی و مانیتورینگ System Center به شمار می آید و سبب می شود بهره وری و اثربخشی دپارتمان IT سازمان ها و زیرساخت IT سازمان ها افزایش یابد. با استفاده از این راهکار عملیات دستی کاهش چشمگیری می یابد و سبب می گردد تا بودجه IT سازمان ها صرف بهبود و توسعه زیرساخت IT سازمان گردد به جای آنکه هزینه چشمگیری صرف نگه داری های روزمره و پشتیبانی کاربران نهایی گردد. از سوی دیگر، کاربران نهایی از آنجایی که سرویس های مورد نیاز خود با سرعت بیشتری دسترسی پیدا می کنند و سبب افزایش بهره وری سازمان می گردد.

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Deploying Microsoft System Center 2016 Configuration Manager

Author: Jacek Doktor, Pawel Jarosz
Length: 477 pages
Edition: 1
Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Publication Date: 2017-11-06
ISBN-10: 1785881019
ISBN-13: 9781785881015

Plan, design, and deploy System Center Configuration Manager 1706 like never before, regardless of how complex your infrastructure is

About This Book
The most up-to-date resource on deploying or migrating to System Center Configuration Manager 1706 within your IT infrastructure
Plan, design, and deploy ConfigMgr 1706 with ease, both on primary and multiple-hierarchy sites
Master the new features of ConfigMgr 1706, including Windows 10 support

Who This Book Is For
If you are a system engineer or an administrator planning to deploy Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 1706, then this book is for you. This book will also benefit system administrators who are responsible for designing and deploying one or more System CenterConfiguration Manager 1706 sites in their new or existing systems .Technet24.

What You Will Learn
Install ConfigMgr servers and the necessary roles
Design and scale ConfigMgr environments
Configure and administrate essential ConfigMgr roles and features
Create software packages using .msi and .exe files
Deliver detailed reports with an automatic patching process
Apply proper hardening on your deployment and secure workstations
Deploy operating systems and updates leveraging ConfigMgr mechanisms
Create high-availability components using the built-in mechanism for backup and recovery

In Detail
It becomes important to plan, design, and deploy configurations when administrators know that Configuration Manager interacts with a number of infrastructure components such as Active Directory Domain Services, network
Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Design Planning
Chapter 2. Installing Configuration Manager
Chapter 3. Configure Sites And Boundaries
Chapter 4. Configuration Manager Agent Installation
Chapter 5. Creating Client Settings For Servers And Workstations
Chapter 6. Compliance Settings
Chapter 7. Software Distributions
Chapter 8. Software Update Management
Chapter 9. Endpoint Protection
Chapter 10. Operating System Deployment
Chapter 11. Configuration Manager Assets
Chapter 12. Role-Based Administration And Security
Chapter 13. Site Server Maintenance Tasks

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