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VMware NSX Cookbook – این کتاب با معرفی مختصری از NSX VMware برای راه حل های مجازی سازی vSphere Network آغاز می شود و به چگونگی نصب و پیکربندی اجزای NSX و ویژگی هایی مانند Logical Switching، لایه 2 bridge و Edge Services Gateway مورد بررسی قرار میگیرد. این کتاب به شما آموزش می دهد که برای امنیت بیشتر، فعال کردن تقسیم بندی کوچک از طریق فایروال توزیع شده NSX را چگونه پیکربندی کنید…

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Book Details
ISBN 139781782174257
Bayu Wibowo, Tony Sangha
March 2018
eBook £7.16
Paperback 584 pages

Book Description
This book begins with a brief introduction to VMware’s NSX for vSphere Network Virtualization solutions and how to deploy and configure NSX components and features such as Logical Switching, Logical Routing, layer 2 bridging and the Edge Services Gateway. Moving on to security, the book shows you how to enable micro-segmentation through NSX Distributed Firewall and Identity Firewall and how to do service insertion via network and guest introspection. After covering all the feature configurations for single-site deployment, the focus then shifts to multi-site setups using Cross-vCenter NSX.

Next, the book covers management, backing up and restoring, upgrading, and monitoring using built-in NSX features such as Flow Monitoring, Traceflow, Application Rule Manager, and Endpoint Monitoring. Towards the end, you will explore how to leverage VMware NSX REST API using various tools from Python to VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

Table of Contents (VMware NSX Cookbook)

1: Getting Started with VMware NSX for vSphere
2: Configuring VMware NSX Logical Switch Networks
3: Configuring VMware NSX Logical Routing
4: Configuring VMware NSX Layer 2 Bridging
5: Configuring VMware NSX Edge Services Gateway
6: Configuring VMware NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW) and SpoofGuard
7: Configuring Cross-vCenter NSX
8: Backing up and Restoring VMware NSX Components
9: Managing User Accounts in VMware NSX
10: Upgrading VMware NSX
11: Managing and Monitoring VMware NSX Platform
12: Leveraging the VMware NSX REST API for Management and Automation

VMware NSX Cookbook

What You Will Learn
Understand, install, and configure VMware NSX for vSphere solutions
Configure logical switching, routing, and Edge Services Gateway in VMware NSX for vSphere
Learn how to plan and upgrade VMware NSX for vSphere
Learn how to use built-in monitoring tools such as Flow Monitoring, Traceflow, Application Rule Manager, and Endpoint Monitoring
Learn how to leverage the NSX REST API for management and automation using various tools from Python to VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Bayu Wibowo

Bayu Wibowo is a seasoned network virtualization consultant in the APJ arena. With over 10 years of industry experience, he has rapidly earned reputation and awards for his community involvement as Cisco Champion, VMware vExpert NSX, and VMTN Community Warrior. Working as a network virtualization consultant for Datacom, he now plays an integral part in the implementation of multiple innovative technologies, including VMware NSX, Open Networking, and numerous more. Follow him on Twitter @bayupw.
Tony Sangha

Tony Sangha is a senior consulting architect at VMware Professional Services with over 12 years of experience in networking and security roles, who has worked for a systems integrator across various industry verticals. He guides customers across Australia and New Zealand to design and implement a Software Defined Datacenter using VMware technologies and specializes in VMware NSX. He has presented at multiple VMUG and vForum events across ANZ and is an active community contributor via his blog and open source projects on GitHub.

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