دانلود پک کامل VMware Horizon 6.2.4

پکیج جدید کمپانی VMware برای مجازی سازی دسکتاپ (Desktop Virtualization) که قبلا VMware View نام داشت ، اکنون با تغییر نام خود تحت عنوان VMware Horizon View 6.2. فعالیت می نماید. به بیان ساده می توان گفت که نرم افزار کاهش 50 درصدی هزینه برخورداری از سیستم عامل برای کاربران نهایی و امکان استفاده از سیستم عامل مورد نظر را از طریق دستگاه ها و پلتفرم های مختلف فراهم می کند. نرم افزار VMware Horizon View 6.2 قابلیت های Remote Desktop را به کاربران تکنولوژی های مجازی سازی VMware ارائه می کند .سیستم عامل Client معمولا یکی از ویندوز های مایکروسافت می باشد، که از طریق محیط مجازی ارائه شده بر روی سرور اجرا می شود. دارای کامپونت های مختلفی است که به با همکاری یکدیگر امکان مجازی سازی Desktop را فراهم می نمایند. VMware Horizon View 6.2 به منظور انتقال فعالیت های کاربر بر روی شبکه از پروتکل های RDP و PCoIP پشتیبانی می کند.

دانلود دانلود VMware Horizon 6.2.0 کرک سریال

لينک دانلود نرم افزار VMware Horizon 6.2.4


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Version: 6.2.4
Developer: VMware
Developer website: http://www.vmware.com/products/horizon-view/
Architecture: x86, amd64

vCenter Orchestrator Plug-in for Horizon
VMware vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon and Published Applications

Description: Postkompyuternaya era changes our understanding of the workplace of the user. We need secure mobile access to applications and data on any device that we choose on the basis of maximum convenience. This must be respected and a high level of security of corporate data.
Learn how VMware platform for end-users transform methods of modern business with the help of tools such as VMware View, Horizon, Zimbra, Socialcast.

What’s new in version 6.2.0

Cloud Pod architecture support for published applications (RDS). Previously, these features were available only for virtual desktops, now a scalable architecture cloud blocks available for services RDS. Now space user access control applies to the level of the data center and between data centers, including highly geographically separated sites.
Features HTML Access for Cloud Pod. Now, at the global level, you can get access to the virtual PC of one of the pods just link from your browser with support for HTML 5. To access protocol is used Blast.
Became available RDSH load balancing and intelligent placement sessions. Now, to determine the load hosts and applications using the counters perfmon, and user sessions are balanced among servers RDSH based on these data. Of course, Horizon View these functions have not as powerful as in Cirtix XenApp, but it is clear that VMware develops in the same direction.
Linked Clones technology for virtual machines with services RDS. The camera can be used to create a View Composer linked clones infrastructure (Linked Clones) for farms RDSH. This allows you to automate the deployment of these farms on the host servers VMware ESXi, as well as centrally manage, and most importantly – update at the master image.
Technology accessing Access Point. Now there is no need to place the machine in Windows-DMZ, to secure access of users to their virtual desktops. The new version uses a specialized secure element on the basis of the virtual module (Virtual Appliance) Linux SLES 11, which can be put in the DMZ (software installation is very simple).
Supports one-way trusts. Now, the presence of a bi-directional trust is not required. This demand in major infrastructures.
Support for the new version of the technology NVIDIA GRID 2.0. Now supported by a new generation of card processors Maxwell. Earlier, it was the cards NVIDIA K1 / K2 (architecture Keppler). New graphics card M60 / 6 are expected to be 2 times more productive and can accommodate up to 128 people, demanding graphics performance on a single server.
Supports AMD GPU mode vDGA. VDGA Passthrough mode is now fully supported for cards AMD.
Supports 3D-accelerated applications RDS. Now published by RDSH applications also support hardware acceleration mode and vDGA vGPU (currently only for NVIDIA). This can be very useful and beneficial, including in comparison with the virtual PC.
VGPU support for Linux-based desktops. Now, not only Windows-users will be able to fully use the vGPU from NVIDIA.
Redirect client disk of VDI and RDSH. If before this redirection works only for Windows, you can now redirect drives Win and Mac clients as well as in an experimental mode and for Linux.
Support for file type associations for RDSH. Now you can simply open the file with the published application by clicking on it, and not to seek the application of the pre-open the file.
Support for 4K resolution. Now megarazresheniyami monitors (3840×2160) fully supported for virtual desktop infrastructure.
Support for Windows 10. Now virtual PCs supported as a guest operating system Windows 10, as well as the latest features of Skype.

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  1. amsota says

    واقعا ممنون
    لطفا ورژن 6.2.1 را قرار بدهید

  2. elf2ccedro says

    سلام خسته نباشید
    برای vmware mirage سریال دیگه ای موجود نیست اینا همش از کار افتاده:(

    1. Technet24 says

      VMware Mirage 2015-12-01 TM492-PPJ0L-58C7J-0AERK-8WC0M

  3. persianmsr says

    6.2.2 ؟؟؟؟

  4. amsota says

    میشه VMware Horizon View 6.2.2 را قرار بدید.
    از لینک زیر می تونید (Horizon 6.2.2 View Agent (64-bit را دانلود کنید.

    اما نتونستم لینک (Horizon 6.2.2 View Connection Server (64-bit را پیدا کنم.

  5. MS.AL says

    عالی بود
    دان کردم و برای تمامی کلاینت هام هر 200 کلاینت
    مجازی سازی دستکاپ و نرم افزار هام رو تا جایی که جا داشت راه انداختم
    Mirage هم در کنارش راه اندازی کردم
    مرحله ی بعدی کنار انداختن پی سی ها به صورت مرحله به مرحله است.
    مرسی از همه بخصوص technet24

  6. lpln says

    سلام . اقا ما کل فایل رو دانلود کردیم. فقط واسه فایل view agent Direct-connection x64. که اونم نوشتید که هستش اما نیس داخل فایلا. فقط 32 هست

  7. mostafa_7038 says

    برای mirage server لایسنس جدیدی هست ؟
    لایسنس موجود تا ۲۰۱۵ اعتبار داشته و منقضی شده .اگر بتونید کمک کنید خیلی خیلی ممنون میشم

  8. mohammadreza_lk6963 says

    متاسفانه لایسنس operation for horizon کار نمیکنه، لطفا راهنمایی میکنید

  9. میلاد says

    سلام من vmware horizon direct connect agent 6.2.0 رو می خوام آیا داخل این پکیچ موجود هست؟


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