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VCP6-DCV(6.5) Examination Preparation Guide – مجازی سازی یکی از تکنولوژی های نوظهور در دنیای IT می باشد، دانش و تکنیکی که با استفاده از آن می توان بر بسیاری از مشکلات و موانع موجود در عرصه زیر ساخت ها (نرم افزاری و سخت افزاری) فائق آمد و راه را برای توسعه پایدار و به وجود آوردن شرایط مناسب برای کسب و کار (Business) به بهترین نحو فراهم آورد. کاربردهای مجازی سازی (Virtualization) آنچنان گسترده است که نه تنها متخصصان و کارشناسان حوزه IT بلکه بسیاری از افراد در رشته های غیر مرتبط با کامپیوتر و IT نیز از آن بهره مند می گردند.

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VCP6-DCV(6.5) Examination Preparation Guide

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ISBN 139781788396400
Course Length1 hour 12 minutes

Video Description
The VMware Data Center Virtualization (6.5) Exam (2V0-622) tests candidates on their skills and ability to install, configure, and manage vCenter Server, ESXi hosts and virtual machines using the appropriate VMware tools. This video course will provide you with hints and tips to enhance your chances of passing the VCP 6.5-DCV examination. You will then be walked through various troubleshooting scenarios since this is an area where a lot of difficulty is often encountered. With the help of the analysis performed, you will also get an explanation of tools and processes you can use to resolve the issue. By the end of the course, you will be able to address examination questions effortlessly, and in a timely manner.

Style and Appraoch
The goal of this course is to help viewers pass the VCP6.5-DCV with ease.

Table of Contents
VCP6-DCV(6.5) Examination Preparation Guide
Troubleshooting Scenarios in the vSphere 6.5 Environment

What You Will Learn

Enhance your chances of passing the VCP6.5-DCV examination
Get familiar with various troubleshooting scenarios that may cause you problems
Explore the tools and processes that will help you overcome the difficulties you face with troubleshooting
Hone your ability to answer exam questions effortlessly

Atindra Chaturvedi

Atindra Chaturvedi is a certified VMware Advanced Professional in Data Center Design (VCAP-DCD) and Data Center Administration (VCAP-DCA), which speaks volumes for his advanced knowledge of vSphere virtual datacenter design and his hands-on ability to operate the advanced tools available in the environment. He is currently a certified Cisco Network Professional Routing & Switching (CCNP-R&S) and Data Center (CCNP-Data Center) which gives him advanced knowledge of networking, design, and the hands-on configuration of all aspects of data center equipment. He currently holds network virtualization (VCP-NV) and Cloud (VCP-Cloud) certifications from VMware, and is a Brocade Certified Engineer Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). He has 18+ years’ commercial data center experience and has authored courses on Advanced vSphere 6.5 published by Packt, as well as vSphere Networking, vSphere Networking Design, VMware NSX, VMware NSX Design and Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller – Enterprise Module (APIC-EM).

  • Criteria 90%

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