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میزبانی وب خدمت و سرویسی است که به سازمان ها و افراد این امکان را می دهد که یک وب سایت یا صفحه وب را روی اینترنت در دسترس قرار دهد. یک میزبان وب یا ارائه دهنده خدمات میزبانی وب Web Hosting ، شغلی است که فناوری ها و خدمات مورد نیاز برای مشاهده وب سایت یا صفحه وب را در اینترنت ارائه می دهد. وب سایت ها در رایانه های ویژه ای به نام سرورها میزبانی یا ذخیره می شوند. هنگامی که کاربران اینترنت می خواهند وب سایت شما را مشاهده کنند ، تمام کاری که باید انجام دهند این است که آدرس وب سایت یا دامنه خود را در مرورگر خود تایپ کنید. سپس رایانه آنها به سرور شما وصل می شود و صفحات وب شما از طریق مرورگر به آنها تحویل داده می شود. در دوره Start Web Hosting Business & Earn Money WHM WHMCS cPanel شما با نحوه آموزش نصب و پیکربندی WHMCS و سی پنل و نحوه راه اندازی درگاه پرداخت پی پال به شما آموزش داده می شود…

لینک دانلود دوره آموزشی وب هاستینگ و سی پنل و WHM و WHMCS


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Date: 2019
Duration: 6 hours
Publisher: Udemy
Created by: Mohsin Khan

What you’ll learn

How to Start Web Hosting Business
How to Earn Money From Home With Automatic Business
Things Required To Start Web Hosting Business
How to Setup WHMCS
How to Setup WHM
How to

What is web hosting business?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your web pages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Benefits of web hosting business?

Web hosting business is a most profitable business with low investment in this world that never down. Every day 1.4 Millions + websites created worldwide that need’s web hosting. In this business you can offer customer a wide variety of products under 1 business like domain registration, web hosting (shared, vps, dedicated etc.), plugins, themes, scripts, freelancing services to the clients and many more products. In this business you can charge customers with one time payment and recurring payment.

You don’t need to work physically. It’s a autopilot business that you can run from home or anywhere. You can earn millions of dollars each day.

Benefits of this course?

This course is totally related to how to start web hosting business, it’s setup, customization etc. I try myself to catch each and every small step to teach you deeply. After studying each and every step, you will be able to setup a web hosting business and can run from home. You will also learn deeply whmcs, whm, cpanel that are the essential part of a web hosting business.

What you will learn?

How to setup web hosting business

Learn about WHMCS

Learn about WHM

Learn about cPanel

And many more

  • Anyone Who Want to Start Home Base Business
  • Anyone Who Want to Start Web Hosting Business
  • Anyone Who Want to Learn WHMCS
  • Anyone Who Want to Learn WHM
  • Anyone Who Want to Learn cPanel
  • Anyone Who Want to Start Earn Money From Home
Course content

25 lectures • 6h 14m total length

Open PayPal Business Account
Open WHMCS and Enom Reseller Account
Download and Install WHMCS
Securing WHMCS further
WHMCS – General settings setup and configuration
WHMCS automation setup and configuration
WHMCS payment gateway setup and configuration
WHMCS Product setup: server and domain registrar setup and configuration 09:08
WHMCS Product Setup – Domain Pricing
WHMCS Product Setup – Product and Services
WHMCS customization – order forms
WHMCS customization – logo
WHMCS customization – order email templates
WHMCS Customization – website frontpage configuration or customization
WHMCS customization – client area
WHMCS customization – client area – part 2
WHMCS Gift Card Module
cPanel Customization – Default Index Page
WHMCS Customization – Support Deparmtnet
WHMCS Customization – Google Analytics Setup
Scaling Up – Server Upgrade Initial Setup
Migrating from reseller account to a VPS or dedicated server. Upgrading from res
Scaling Up – Updating SSL for main website
Final Step


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