Preventing Ransomware – باج افزار و روش های پیشگیری از آن

دانلود کتاب آموزش روش های پیشگیری و مقابله و حذف باج افزار (Ransomware)

باج افزار یا Ransomware نوعی از بد افزار است که اطلاعات کاربران را در داخل سیستم هایشان با ترفند های قفل گذاری کردن، بلاک می کند و با درخواست پول از مالکان دیتا ها از آنها پول دریافت می کند تا دیتای کاربران را قفل گشایی کند. یکی از مهم ترین دلیلی که به این بد افزار یک باج افزار گفته می شود، همین روند دریافت پول اجباری است که از کاربران درخواست می کند. مهم ترین انگیزه ی این باج افزار پول است. کتاب Preventing Ransomware در خصوص روش های مقابله با باج افزار و حذف باج افزار، تکنیک های تشخیص و پیشگیری از حملات باج‌ افزارها، نحوه پیکربندی نرم افزار امنیتی برای محافظت در برابر ransomware، و… می باشد.

لینک دانلود کتاب آموزش باج افزار و روش های پیشگیری از آن – Preventing Ransomware


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Book Details

Pages: 266
Format: EPUB, PDF Convert
ISBN: 139781788620604
Publisher: Packt Publishing
By: Abhijit Mohanta, Mounir Hahad, Kumaraguru Velmurugan

Book Description

Ransomware has turned out to be the most aggressive malware and has affected numerous organizations in the recent past. The current need is to have a defensive mechanism in place for workstations and servers under one organization.

This book starts by explaining the basics of malware, specifically ransomware. The book provides some quick tips on malware analysis and how you can identify different kinds of malware. We will also take a look at different types of ransomware, and how it reaches your system, spreads in your organization, and hijacks your computer. We will then move on to how the ransom is paid and the negative effects of doing so. You will learn how to respond quickly to ransomware attacks and how to protect yourself. The book gives a brief overview of the internals of security software and Windows features that can be helpful in ransomware prevention for administrators. You will also look at practical use cases in each stage of the ransomware phenomenon. The book talks in detail about the latest ransomware attacks involving WannaCry, Petya, and BadRabbit.

By the end of this book, you will have end-to-end knowledge of the trending malware in the tech industry at present.

Table of Contents

1: Malware from Fun to Profit
2: Malware Analysis Fundamentals
3: Ransomware Distribution
4: Ransomware Techniques for Hijacking the System
5: Ransomware Economics
6: Case Study of Famous Ransomware
7: Other Forms of Digital Extortion
8: Ransomware Detection and Prevention
9: Incident Response
10: The Future of Ransomware

What You Will Learn

Understand malware types and malware techniques with examples
Obtain a quick malware analysis
Understand ransomware techniques, their distribution, and their payment mechanism
Case studies of famous ransomware attacks
Discover detection technologies for complex malware and ransomware
Configure security software to protect against ransomware
Handle ransomware infections

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