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vRealize Operations Manager این امکان را فراهم می‌سازد تا منابع مورد نیاز و قابل دسترس در زمان مناسب به ماشین‌های مجازی، resource pool ها و دیتاسنترها اختصاص یابد. شما می‌توانید مشکلات احتمالی در آینده را پیش بینی کنید، نیاز به تغییر در منابع و همچنین استفاده از منابع آزاد را به طور پویا مدل سازی و در کنترل بگیرید.

لينک دانلود کتاب Packt Publishing – Mastering vRealize Operations Manager – Second Edition


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ISBN 139781788474870
Paperback 426 pages
Spas Kaloferov, Scott Norris, Christopher Slater
March 2018
price £18.90

Book Description
In the modern IT world, the criticality of managing the health, efficiency, and compliance of virtualized environments is more important than ever. With vRealize Operations Manager 6.6, you can make a difference to your business by being reactive rather than proactive.

Mastering vRealize Operations Manager helps you streamline your processes and customize the environment to suit your needs. You will gain visibility across all devices in the network and retain full control. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and support images, you will quickly master the ability to manipulate your data and display it in a way that best suits you and your business or technical requirements.

This book not only covers designing, installing, and upgrading vRealize Operations 6.6, but also gives you a deep understanding of its building blocks: badges, alerts, super metrics, views, dashboards, management packs, and plugins. With the new vRealize Operations 6.6 troubleshooting capabilities, capacity planning, intelligent workload placement, and additional monitoring capabilities, this book is aimed at ensuring you get the knowledge to manage your virtualized environment as effectively as possible.

Table of Contents
1: Going Ahead with vRealize Operations
2: Which vRealize Operations Deployment Model Fits Your Needs
3: Initial Setup and Configuration
4: Extending vRealize Operations with Management Packs and Plugins
5: Badges
6: Getting a Handle on Alerting and Notifications
7: Capacity Management Made Easy
8: Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes
9: Super Metrics Made Super Easy
10: Creating Custom Views
11: Creating Custom Dashboards
12: Using vRealize Operations to Monitor Applications
13: Leveraging vRealize Operations for vSphere and vRealize Automation Workload Placement
14: Using vRealize Operations for Infrastructure Compliance
15: Troubleshooting vRealize Operations

Mastering vRealize Operations Manager

What You Will Learn
Discover advanced vRealize Operations concepts and design your processes effectively for the underlying architecture
Plan and install a new version or upgrade from a previous one
Apply proven capacity management theories and techniques in practical, real-world environments
Manipulate data and metrics to display them in the most effective way possible
Create custom views and dashboards fit for any use case
Explore how policies have evolved in vRealize Operations 6.6 and how to apply them in the most effective manner

Spas Kaloferov

Spas Kaloferov has been a technology professional since 2004 and holds over 30 industry certifications. His experience is focused around the Microsoft and VMware portfolios. He studied in Germany and now lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. Spas joined the VMware family in 2014, and he is currently part of a team delivering high-level training across the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) product stack.

Scott Norris
Scott Norris has 12 years of professional IT experience. Currently, he works for VMware as a Consulting Architect. Scott specializes in multiple VMware technologies, such as ESXi, vCenter, vRA 6 and 7, vCD, vCOps (vROps ), vRO, SRM, and Application Services. He is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX-DCA and VCDX-CMA #201).

For the past 10 years, Scott has worked on VMware products and technologies, supporting small environments from a single server to large federal government environments with hundreds of hosts.

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