Learning VMware NSX – Second Edition

طبق تعریف این شرکت، NSX “هایپروایزر شبکه” است. این تعریف برای درک بهتر آشنایان با عرصه IT مطرح شده است چرا که همگی می دانیم که ESX یا هایپروایزر چه کاری انجام می دهد و شرکت VMware از ارائه آن چه هدفی دارد. NSX در واقع VMware ESXi منابع رایانش را مجازی سازی می کند (مثل، پردازنده، حافظه، دیسک ها و کارت های شبکه). در مقایسه با آن VMware NSX که کل شبکه زیرساخت آن را مجازی سازی می کند (مثل، سوییچ های مجازی، دیواره های آتش مجازی، روتر های مجازی و …)طبق گفته شرکت VMware، کاربران می خواهند تجربه کار با نرم افزار های مجازی سازی و رایانش ابری را در زیرساخت شبکه ای نیز داشته باشند. ساختاری شبیه مجازی سازی سرور ها، اما برای شبکه می خواهند. و VMware می گوید NSX قابلیت انجام این پروسه ها را برای شبکه به همراه دارد.

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  Learning VMware NSX – Second Edition
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Learning VMware NSX – Second Edition

Book Details
ISBN 139781788398985
Ranjit Singh Thakurratan
August 2017
Paperback254 pages

Book Description
VMware NSX is a platform for the software-defined data center. It allows complex networking topologies to be deployed programmatically in seconds. SDNs allow ease of deployment, management, and automation in deploying and maintaining new networks while reducing and in some cases completely eliminating the need to deploy traditional networks. The book allows you a thorough understanding of implementing Software defined networks using VMware’s NSX. You will come across the best practices for installing and configuring NSX to setup your environment. Then you will get a brief overview of the NSX Core Components NSX’s basic architecture. Once you are familiar with everything, you will get to know how to deploy various NSX features. Furthermore, you will understand how to manage and monitor NSX and its associated services and features. In addition to this, you will also explore the best practices for NSX deployments.

By the end of the book, you will be able to deploy Vmware NSX in your own environment with ease. This book can come handy if you are preparing for VMware NSX certification.

Table of Contents
1: Introduction to Network Virtualization
2: NSX Core Components
3: NSX Installation and Configuration
4: NSX Functional Services
5: Edge Services Gateway
6: Service Composer
7: Monitoring
8: Managing NSX
9: Conclusion

What You Will Learn
Understand software-defined networks
Deploy and configure VXLAN-enabled logical switches
Secure your environment using Distributed Firewall and Data Security
Configure third-party services in NSX
Manage, configure, and deploy edge gateway services
Perform various Edge operations including configuring CA certificates
Explore the different monitoring options to check their traffic flow

Ranjit Singh Thakurratan

Ranjit Singh Thakurratan is a four year VMware vExpert (2013-2017) and works as a principal chief architect at DellEMC. Ranjit holds a master’s degree in information technology—infrastructure assurance and an engineering degree in computer science, and has over ten years of hands-on IT experience. He has presented at numerous VMUG UserCon conferences held at Boston, Washington DC, New York, Denver, and Dallas. He be reached via his Twitter handle @RJAPPROVES. Apart from technology, Ranjit is also interested in astrophysics, animal welfare, and open source projects.


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