Exploit Pack Pro 17.05

نرم افزار Exploit Pack Pro یک IDE کامل برای توسعه آسیب پذیری و تست نفوذ با قابلیت گسترش ماژول می باشد. زبان برنامه نویسی Exploit Pack جاوا می باشد اما در ساخت ماژول های آن از پایتون به عنوان موتور اصلی بهره برداری شده است. این قابلیت امکان توسعه ابزار را به طور فوق العاده ای افزایش داده است. ابزار تحت استاندارد GPLV3 توسعه داده شده است و به صورت متن باز برای تمامی سیستم عامل های GNU/Linux، ویندوز، سیستم عامل مک و FreeBSD موجود است. برای استفاده از این ابزار نیاز نیست حتما نویسنده اکسپلیوت باشید تا بتوانید از تمامی امکانات ابزار استفاده کنید. اکسپلویت های توسعه داده شده توسط Exploit Pack می تواند به صورت مستقل و جدا از ابزار بکار گرفته شود.

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Think like a hacker, be professional.

Exploit Pack is a multiplatform exploitation framework with more than 39.000+ exploits, implants, agents, undetectable and ready to help you get root on your next target. Like any tool of this type, it requires some basic knowledge and expertise in the matter. Exploit Pack has been designed to be used by hands-on security professionals to support their testing process.
Who is behind Exploit Pack?

Exploit Pack has been designed by an experienced team of software developers and exploit writers to automate processes so that security professionals can focus on what’s really important. Pwn like there is no tomorrow.
Attack, Detect and Mitigate

Use Exploit Pack to objectively measure threats, vulnerabilities, impact and risks associated with specific cyber-security incidents by rapidly reacting on the integration of both, offensive and defensive security.
Easy and fast to learn

Exploit Pack uses an easy to use advanced software-defined interface that supports rapid reconfiguration to adapt exploit codes, implants and utilities to the constantly evolving threat environment.
Free trainings available

Develop your career further with our free live monthly exploit dev and reversing trainings, for free for all our Premium Pack users. Ready to take the next step? Get Exploit Pack certified!
Don’t ever miss a target

Exploit Pack helps you simulate attack scenarios and uncover potential threats in your network before hackers do. But don’t stop at simulation, become unstoppable and take it one step further with Exploit Pack.
Zero days available to you

The cherry on the top, as a Premium Pack user get access to all our zero-days exploits and updates as soon as these are discovered by our research team.


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