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SANS SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling – به گفته Jonathan Carlson دوره SEC504 یک دوره عالی است که می تواند قطعات پازل حوادث امنیتی و تست نفوذ امنیتی را کنار هم بچیند. مباحث مطرح شده در این دوره به شما کمک می کند تا شما درک کاملی از تفکرات، تاکتیک ها و استراتژی های مهاجمان سایبری داشته باشید. همچنین به شما در زمینه یافتن آسیب پذیری ها و کشف ورودی ها، و تجهیز شما به یک طرح جامع مقابله با حوادث امنیتی، کمک می کند. در حقیقت این دوره شما را به سمت برطرف کردن حملات “oldie-but- goodie” که هنوز هم شایع هستند، سوق می دهند.

این دوره به جای صرف زمان برای آموزش چند ترفند ساده حملات هک، یک فرآیند گام به گام آزمایش و تست شده برای آمادگی و زمان پاسخ به حوادث سایبری و کامپیوتری را فراهم می کند و یک شرح مفصلی از نحوه ی انجام کار مهاجمین سیستم ها را ارائه می دهد، بنابراین شما را آماده مقابله و شناسایی این حملات و انجام پاسخ مناسب در مقابل این حملات، می کند. علاوه بر این، این دوره به مباحث حقوقی مرتبط با پاسخ دادن به حملات کامپیوتری نظیر نظارت بر کارکنان، کار با اجرای قانون و رسیدگی به شواهد، می پردازد.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی SANS SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling 2022


حجم : 14.9 گيگابايت

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رمز فايل:

Course: $7,100.00 USD
Publisher: SANS
Date: 2022

The Internet is full of powerful hacking tools and bad guys using them extensively. If your organization has an Internet connection or one or two disgruntled employees (and whose doesn’t!), your computer systems will get attacked. From the five, ten, or even one hundred daily probes against your Internet infrastructure to the malicious insider slowly creeping through your most vital information assets, attackers are targeting your systems with increasing viciousness and stealth. As defenders, it is essential we understand these hacking tools and techniques.

By helping you understand attackers’ tactics and strategies in detail, giving you hands-on experience in finding vulnerabilities and discovering intrusions, and equipping you with a comprehensive incident handling plan, this course helps you turn the tables on computer attackers. It addresses the latest cutting-edge insidious attack vectors, the “oldie-but-goodie” attacks that are still prevalent, and everything in between. Instead of merely teaching a few hack attack tricks, this course provides a time-tested, step-by-step process for responding to computer incidents, and a detailed description of how attackers undermine systems so you can prepare, detect, and respond to them.

In addition, the course explores the legal issues associated with responding to computer attacks, including employee monitoring, working with law enforcement, and handling evidence. Finally, students will participate in a hands-on workshop that focuses on scanning for, exploiting, and defending systems. It will enable you to discover the holes in your system before the bad guys do!

The course is particularly well-suited to individuals who lead or are a part of an incident handling team. General security practitioners, system administrators, and security architects will benefit by understanding how to design, build, and operate their systems to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.

You Will Learn SANS SEC504:
  • How best to prepare for an eventual breach
  • The step-by-step approach used by many computer attackers
  • Proactive and reactive defenses for each stage of a computer attack
  • How to identify active attacks and compromises
  • The latest computer attack vectors and how you can stop them
  • How to properly contain attacks
  • How to ensure that attackers do not return
  • How to recover from computer attacks and restore systems for business
  • How to understand and use hacking tools and techniques
  • Strategies and tools for detecting each type of attack
  • Attacks and defenses for Windows, Unix, switches, routers, and other systems
  • Application-level vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses
  • How to develop an incident handling process and prepare a team for battle
  • Legal issues in incident handling

If you are unfamiliar with Linux, please view this short Intro to Linux video to help get you started.

Course Syllabus SANS SEC504:

SEC504.1: Incident Handling Step-by-Step and Computer Crime Investigation
SEC504.2: Computer and Network Hacker Exploits – Part 1
SEC504.3: Computer and Network Hacker Exploits – Part 2
SEC504.4: Computer and Network Hacker Exploits – Part 3
SEC504.5: Computer and Network Hacker Exploits – Part 4
SEC504.6: Hacker Tools Workshop

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