Computer Networking Data Analytics: Developing Innovative Use Cases

Computer Networking Data Analytics – تجزیه و تحلیل داده های شبکه، یکی از داغترین موارد در صنعت شبکه تجزیه و تحلیل اطلاعات به منظور بهبود کارایی و امنیت می باشد و هر افراد در حال صحبت کردن در مورد تجزیه و تحلیل ترافیک و یکپارچه سازی شبکه ها هستند. اما فقط افرای که دارای درک عمیقی از اطلاعات و شبکه را دارند، موفق هستند.

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Title: Computer Networking Data Analytics: Developing Innovative Use Cases
Publishes Oct 19, 2018 🙂
John Garrett
Publisher: Cisco Press
ISBN: 1587145138
Year: 2018
Price: $38.39
Pages: 469

One of the hottest trends in the networking industry is to apply analytics to improve performance, security, and value. Everyone’s talking about integrating analytics in networks. But successfully doing so requires a deep understanding of both networking and data, and that’s a rare combination. This book’s author, John Garrett, is currently Analytics Technical Lead for Cisco Advanced Services, where he draws on his MS in Predictive Analytics to develop analytics use cases for many of Cisco’s most sophisticated customers. In Computer Networking Data Analytics, Garrett illuminates the data of networking, revealing the power of the information that’s already available in your environment. Next, he introduces powerful techniques for using that information to accelerate innovation, and build a better network.

Garrett walks step-by-step through a wide spectrum of common networking analytics techniques and scenarios, illuminating the insights underlying them, and helping you adapt them for your own environment. He concludes with several end-to-end case studies demonstrating how his team has developed high-value use cases for some of Cisco’s largest customers. These end-to-end use cases can serve as repeatable templates for developing your own solutions in areas ranging from advanced troubleshooting and self-healing to service assurance. They will help you drive more value from telemetry, event analytics, network infrastructure metadata, and all the information you have.

Command Syntax Conventions
Introduction: Your future is in your hands!
Chapter 1 Getting Started with Analytics
Chapter 2 Approaches for Analytics and Data Science
Chapter 3 Understanding Networking Data Sources
Chapter 4 Accessing Data from Network Components
Chapter 5 Mental Models and Cognitive Bias
Chapter 6 Innovative Thinking Techniques
Chapter 7 Analytics Use Cases and the Intuition Behind Them
Chapter 8 Analytics Algorithms and the Intuition Behind them
Chapter 9 Building Analytics Use-Cases
Chapter 10 Developing Real Use Cases: The Power of Statistics
Chapter 11 Developing Real-Use Cases: Network Infrastructure Analytics
Chapter 12 Developing Real Use Cases: Control Plane Analytics Using Syslog Telemetry
Chapter 13 Developing Real Use Cases: Data Plane Analytics
Chapter 14 Cisco Analytics
Chapter 15 Book Summary
Appendix A Function for Parsing Packets from pcap Files

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