CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide: Exam CV0-003, 3rd Edition

گواهینامه CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide: Exam CV0-003 می‌تواند مهارت شما در اجرا و حفظ فن آوری‌های ابری افزایش دهد. در این کتاب، نحوه مهاجرت و نگهداری از راه حل‌های ابری — و همچنین مشکلات عیب یابی و ذخیره سازی ، اتوماسیون ، اتصال و مشکلات امنیتی آموزش داده می شود. در پایان کتاب CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide شما آمادگی لازم جهت شرکت در آزمون CompTIA Cloud+ Exam CV0-003 را خواهید داشت.

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August 2021
Pages: 480
By: Ben Piper
Publisher: Wiley
Format: EPUB, PDF
ISBN: 978-1-119-81095-7


In the newly revised Third Edition of CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide: Exam CVO-003, expert IT Ben Piper delivers an industry leading resource for anyone preparing for the CompTIA Cloud+ certification and a career in cloud services. The book introduces candidates to the skills and the competencies critical for success in the field and on the exam.

The book breaks down challenging cloud management concepts into intuitive and manageable topics, including cloud architecture and design, cloud security, deployment, operations and support, and cloud troubleshooting. It also offers practical study features, like Exam Essentials and challenging chapter review questions.

Written in a concise and straightforward style that will be immediately familiar to the hundreds of thousands of readers who have successfully use other CompTIA study guides to further their careers in IT, the book offers:

  • Efficient and effective training for a powerful certification that opens new and lucrative career opportunities
  • Fully updated coverage for the new Cloud+ CV0-003 Exam that includes the latest in cloud architecture and design
  • Access to the Sybex online learning center, with chapter review questions, full-length practice exams, hundreds of electronic flashcards, and a glossary of key terms

Perfect for everyone preparing for the CompTIA Cloud+ Exam CV0-003 certification, this book is an ideal resource for current and aspiring cloud services professionals seeking an efficient and up-to-date resource that will dramatically improve their ability to maintain, secure, and optimize cloud environments.

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