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سیسکو Webex ، راهکاري بسيار امن و کاملا مجازي جهت ارائه سرويس ويدئوكنفرانس مي باشد که ترکيبي از صدا ، تصوير و کنفرانس تحت وب را ارائه مي نمايد. سیسکو webex سيستمي مجازي و مبتني بر نرم افزار است که بر روي سرورهاي فيزيکي و يا مجازي مبتني بر فناوري VMware اجرا مي شود. Cisco WebEx از تکنولوژي Appliance مجازي جهت افزايش سرعت و کارايي در راستاي سرويس دهي به کاربران استفاده مي نمايد. اين سرور داراي قابليت ادغام با سرويس Cisco Unified Communications Manager جهت افزايش کيفيت و کارايي در کنفرانس ها مي باشد.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی – Cisco WebEx: Master Collaboration Skills With WebEx Meetings


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This is the course that takes students from complete newbie to guru with cisco webex Meetings. Whether you are using webex for the first time or  you are trying to groom your collaborative and presentation skills in webex, this course will make your goal a low hanging fruit, to plug it easily.

12 Videos (44m)

By taking this course, you will get yourself familiar with most powerful features of webex, which is not know to many people and this gives you an edge in your webex meetings.

Below are returns you get by investing your time and money on this course:

1. You will get a demo on all features in Webex Meetings
2. You will come to know about features in webex, which you are not aware before taking this course
3. If you are newbie, you will be able to host or join a webex meeting, after taking this course
4. You will come to know, where all you can use WebEx in your work
5. You will know how you use webEx effectively to collaborate with your team

This course is structured in following way Cisco WebEx:
  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Introduction to Webex Meetings
  3. Webex account creation and setup
  4. Hosting a webex meeting
  5. Joining a webex meeting
  6. Controls for a host in webex
  7. Screen sharing in webex
  8. File sharing and File library in webex
  9. White-boarding in webex
  10. Contacts Management and chat in webex
  11. Webex offline Player, Recorder and Editor
  12. Webex Preference Settings

Get an edge during your WebEx meetings by using it like a Pro. Leverage on your WebEx collaboration skills to communicate and collaborate better with your team members

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