CCIE Wireless v3 Study Guide

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گواهی نامه سیسکو CCIE به عنوان یکی از معتبر ترین گواهینامه در صنعت شبکه می باشد. مدرک CCIE نشان دهنده مهارت ها و تسلط کامل بر تجهیزات سیسکو و ارائه راه حل های حرفه ای شبکه با استفاده از تجهیزات سیسکو می باشد. کسب گواهینامه سیسکو CCIE Wireless نشان دهنده دانش گسترده شما در خصوص شبکه های بی سیم و درک قوی شما از فن آوری های سیسکو WLAN و همچنین کسب مهارت ها و دانش فنی مورد نیاز یک متخصص شبکه بی سیم در سطح حرفه ای را نشان میدهد. کتاب CCIE Wireless v3 Study Guide به شما کمک می کند تا دانش و مهارت های لازم برای موفقیت در هر دو آزمون کتبی و لابلاتوار CCIE Wireless v3.x را کسب نمایید.

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  • Edition: 1st
  • ISBN-10: 1-58720-620-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-620-7
  • Published: Nov 27, 2018 by Cisco Press
  • By: Carlos Alcantara, Nicholas Darchis, Jerome Henry, Jeal Jimenez, Federico Ziliotto
Thoroughly prepare for the revised Cisco CCIE Wireless v3.x certification exams

Earning Cisco CCIE Wireless certification demonstrates your broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking, your strong understanding of Cisco WLAN technologies, and the skills and technical knowledge required of an expert-level wireless network professional. This guide will help you efficiently master the knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed on both the CCIE Wireless v3.x written and lab exams.

Designed to help you efficiently focus your study, achieve mastery, and build confidence, it focuses on conceptual insight, not mere memorization. Authored by five of the leading Cisco wireless network experts, it covers all areas of the CCIE Wireless exam blueprint, offering complete foundational knowledge for configuring and troubleshooting virtually any Cisco wireless deployment.

CCIE Wireless v3 Study Guide

  • Plan and design enterprise-class WLANs addressing issues ranging from RF boundaries to AP positioning, power levels, and density
  • Prepare and set up wireless network infrastructure, including Layer 2/3 and key network services
  • Optimize existing wired networks to support wireless infrastructure
  • Deploy, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco IOS Autonomous WLAN devices for wireless bridging
  • Implement, configure, and manage AireOS Appliance, Virtual, and Mobility Express Controllers
  • Secure wireless networks with Cisco Identity Services Engine: protocols, concepts, use cases, and configuration
  • Set up and optimize management operations with Prime Infrastructure and MSE/CMX
  • Design, configure, operate, and troubleshoot WLANs with real-time applications

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