AppDetectivePRO 10.5

نرم افزار AppDetectivePro یک پایگاه داده و اسکنر داده بزرگ بسیار قدرتمند است که می تواند بلافاصله اشتباهات پیکربندی ، مشکلات شناسایی و کنترل دسترسی ، تکه های مفقود شده یا هر ترکیب سمی از تنظیمات را که می تواند منجر به تشدید حملات، نشت داده ها ، انکار خدمات (DOS) شود را کشف کند. از طریق تنظیم ساده و رابط کاربری آسان آن ، می توانید بلافاصله در مورد امنیت ، ریسک یا انطباق هر یک از پایگاه داده یاداده بزرگ در محیط خود (به فرض یا ابر) در عرض چند دقیقه موارد امنیت، ریسک یا انطباق را کشف و گزارش دهید.

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Version: 10.5
Price: $900 per database
Format: Setup + Crack + PDF User Guide
Publisher: Trustwave

Real World Database Security Audit Outcomes

When it comes to a purpose-built database security scanner, Trustwave AppDetectivePRO is easily the choice of security practitioners looking for in-depth database scanning. Where other vulnerability assessment solutions scan for known vulnerabilities and patch levels, Trustwave AppDetectivePRO goes deep and provides thorough insights into the database risks.
Automate your audit

Save up to 100 staff hours per database audit and avoid the need for manual SQL scripts, raw data analysis, and research
Prevent data exfiltration

Identify over-privileged users and verify your privileged accounts to enforce the principle of least privilege
Gain unparalleled intelligence

Stay current with monthly knowledgebase updates, access over 50 built-in policies to meet your security and compliance needs, or customize policies to validate corporate security requirements
Report what is important for you

Provide reports fit for your administrators to start remediation and your executives to understand the risk assessment


  • Easy to deploy and use, with low hardware requirements.
  • Insight into auditors’ findings by leveraging the tool most frequently used by them.
  • Pre-built data security controls based on industry standards and regulatory requirements – or create new custom controls.
  • Built-in regulatory policies – or create your own policies to match specific business needs.
  • User rights review helps you identify privileged users and improve audit planning.
  • A continuously updated knowledgebase backed by Trustwave SpiderLabs.

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