ActiveExit v15.8.0

ActiveExit ابزاری سیستمی است که به صورت خودکار کاربران را بعد از مدت زمان معینی غیر فعال بودن log off می کند. اگر شما ادمین یک سیستم هستید و کاربران شبکه تان اغلب فراموش می کنند که از حساب کاربری خود خارج شوند و یا به اصطلاح log off شوند این نرم افزار می تواند دردسر شما برای بستن حساب های آن ها را برطرف کند. حتی اگر کاربر حساب خود را قفل نموده باشد این برنامه می تواند بعد از مدت زمانی که شما برایش تعریف کرده اید و بدون نیاز به کوچکترین فعالیت از سمت شما دسترسی کاربر به سیستم را قطع کند.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار ActiveExit:

  • خارج نمودن کاربران غیر فعال به طور خودکار
  • خارج کردن کاربران غیر فعال حتی با حساب قفل شده
  • خارج کردن کاربران غیر فعال حتی با داشتن اسکرین سیور
  • خارج کردن کاربران غیر فعال در حین اتصال به کامپیوتر از راه دور
  • و …smile icon

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  Software iconActiveExit v15.8.0

ActiveExit is a system utility that can automatically log off users from their accounts after a period of inactivity. If you are a system administrator and users of your network often forget to log off before leaving, ActiveExit can save you quite a bit of the nerve cells. Even if the user has locked the computer, ActiveExit can log the user off after the idle period you specify, without your intervention.

DESPICABLE-ME-2-Tim-The-Minion-cartoonWhat can ActiveExit do for you?

Log off the inactive users automatically

When you enable ActiveExit, it starts monitoring the user activity (keyboard and mouse). If no user activity has been detected during the time interval of your choosing, ActiveExit displays a message to the user (for the duration of your choosing, too). If no user activity detected after that, ActiveExit forcefully logs off that user from Windows.
Log off the inactive users even if they locked their screens

Unlike WINEXIT and other similar utilities, ActiveExit can log off the inactive users even if the users locked their screens before leaving. (The administrator will no longer have to unlock the screens manually each time it happens).
Log off the inactive users even if they set up custom screen savers

Unlike WINEXIT and other similar software utilities, ActiveExit does not replace the screensaver of the user with its own. If fact, ActiveExit does not depend on the Windows screensaver functionality at all: each user is welcome to choose any screen saver or none at all, ActiveExit will work just the same.
Log off the inactive users even if they use the Remote Desktop Connection

ActiveExit can log off the inactive users who connect to the server remotely, via the Remote Desktop.
Log off the inactive users even if they have unsaved changes

This is a powerful feature of ActiveExit that you should consider carefully. Normally, if a user attempts to log off while there are unsaved changes to the documents, Windows prompts the user to save the changes before logging off. With ActiveExit, the automatic log off happens unconditionally, even if there are changes still unsaved by the user. The unsaved changes, if any, will be lost and the user will be logged off.

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