Practical Packet Analysis: Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems, 3rd Edition کتاب کاربردی تحلیل بسته های شبکه

ابزار Wireshark یک استراق سمع کننده و تحلیل‌گر بسته‌های شبکه است. یک تحلیل گر بسته های شبکه تلاش می کند تا بسته ها را به دست آورده و جرئیات داده های آن ها را تا حد امکان نمایش دهد. این ابزار یکی از بهترین تحلیل‌گرهای بسته با کد منبع باز است که امروزه وجود دارد و در سطح گسترده ای (هم در شبکه های سیمی و هم در شبکه-های بی سیم) از آن استفاده می شود. نسخه ی اصلی این ابزار با نام Ethereal وجود داشت که از سال 2006 به بعد این پروژه به Wireshark تغییر نام یافت. Wireshark بسیار شبیه ابزار tcpdump است با این تفاوت که ابزار Wireshark واسط گرافیکی بسیار قوی داشته و اطلاعات خیلی بیشتری در زمینه‌ی مرتب‌سازی و فیلتر کردن بسته ها در اختیار کاربر قرار می دهد.

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  Practical Packet Analysis, 3th Edition
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Practical Packet Analysis: Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems, 3rd Edition

English | by Chris Sanders | April 2017 | ISBN: 1593278020 | 368 pages

It’s easy to capture packets with Wireshark, the world’s most popular network sniffer, whether off the wire or from the air. But how do you use those packets to understand what’s happening on your network?

Updated to cover Wireshark 2.x, the third edition of Practical Packet Analysis will teach you to make sense of your packet captures so that you can better troubleshoot network problems. You’ll find added coverage of IPv6 and SMTP, a new chapter on the powerful command line packet analyzers tcpdump and TShark, and an appendix on how to read and reference packet values using a packet map.

Practical Packet Analysis will show you how to:
Monitor your network in real time and tap live network communications
Build customized capture and display filters
Use packet analysis to troubleshoot and resolve common network problems, like loss of connectivity, DNS issues, and slow speeds
Explore modern exploits and malware at the packet level
Extract files sent across a network from packet captures
Graph traffic patterns to visualize the data flowing across your network
Use advanced Wireshark features to understand confusing captures
Build statistics and reports to help you better explain technical network information to non-techies

No matter what your level of experience is, Practical Packet Analysis will show you how to use Wireshark to make sense of any network and get things done.

Author Bio
Chris Sanders is a computer security consultant, researcher, and educator. He is the author of Applied Network Security Monitoring and blogs regularly at Chris uses packet analysis daily to catch bad guys and find evil.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Packet Analysis and Network Basics
Chapter 2: Tapping into the Wire
Chapter 3: Introduction to Wireshark
Chapter 4: Working with Captured Packets
Chapter 5: Advanced Wireshark Features
Chapter 6: Packet Analysis on the Command Line
Chapter 7: Network Layer Protocols
Chapter 8: Transport Layer Protocols
Chapter 9: Common Upper-Layer Protocols
Chapter 10: Basic Real-World Scenarios
Chapter 11: Fighting a Slow Network
Chapter 12: Packet Analysis for Security
Chapter 13: Wireless Packet Analysis


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