VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2

2.VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7 در واقع یک Plug-in برای محصول vSphere Web Client است. VSI 7.2 برای VMware Administrator امکانات Provision , Monitor, Manage, Protect Datastores, را مستقیما و از درون vSphere Web Client فراهم می آورد و بدین گونه محیط مدیریتی مجموعه مجازی را ساده تر و راحتر می نماید. VSI 7.2 محصولات ذیل را پشتیبانی می کند.

• RecoverPoint
• AppSync
• PowerPath
• ViPR
• Unity
• VNXe3200
• VNXe1600
• vVNX
• XtremIO

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 VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2
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دانلود VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2
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VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2

Name: emc_solutions_integration_service_v72_x86_64_OVF10.ova
Size: 1 GB (1,484,250,624 bytes)
SHA-1: a76094b2b1b530556dcd674bf99015f90516fc66
MD5: c0aff34506247df9f35a532b37695120
CRC32: 10ef6f51

This document provides installation and configuration instructions for the EMCVirtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware Web Client plug-in. It also includes information about managing, provisioning, and viewing storage arrays using the VSI plug-in.

This solution was designed for VMware administrators who manage shared NFS or VMFS storage through a web interface. After the storage administrator has planned and implemented the storage environment, the VMware administrator sets up the VMware virtual environment and loads EMC VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client. This software enables VMware administrators to provision and manage datastores, virtual machines, and RDMs on the supported EMC storage systems without the direct involvement of the storage administrator.

This document describes how to install, configure, and use EMC VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client.

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Product Overview
The EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware vSphere Web Client is a plug-in
for VMware vCenter. It enables administrators to view, manage, and optimize storage
for VMware ESX/ESXi servers and hosts, and then map that storage to the hosts.
VSI consists of a graphical user interface and the EMC Solutions Integration Service
(SIS), which provides communication and access to the storage systems.
Depending on the platform, tasks that you can perform with VSI include:
l Storage provisioning
l Setting multipathing policies
l Cloning
l Block deduplication

8 EMC VSI for VMware vSphere Web Client 7.2 Product Guide
l Compression
l Storage mapping
l Capacity monitoring
l Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) integration
l Data protection using EMC AppSync or EMC RecoverPoint
Using the Solutions Integration Service, a storage administrator can enable virtual
machine administrators to perform management tasks on a set of storage pools.
EMC Simple Support Matrix lists supported versions of EMC storage systems and
The following figure depicts the architecture of a typical deployment of VSI for
VMware vSphere Web Client.
Figure 1 VSI deployment architecture


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