Network Simulator With Designer For CCNA 4.7.0 – دانلود نرم افزار سیمولاتور شبکه

Network Simulator With Designer For CCNA – به کمک نرم افزار سیمولاتور شبکه شما می توانید یک محیط آزمایشی مجازی که در آن در آن یک روتر / سوئیچ قرار دارد را شبیه سازی کنید. این نرم افزار برای افرادی که قصد شرکت در آزمون CCENT ، CCNA یا ICND2 و مایل به یادگیری شبکه با استفاده از روترها و سوئیچ های سیسکو را دارند مفید می باشد.

لینک دانلود نرم افزار سیمولاتور شبکه – CertExams Network Simulator With Designer For CCNA 4.7.0


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The Network Simulator w/ Designer (NetSim w/ Visualizer) provides a virtual lab environment where a router/switch network can be simulated. The software is primarily intended for candidates preparing for CCENT™, CCNA™, or ICND2™ exams though it can be used by any individual desirous of learning networking using Cisco® routers and switches.

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Important features of the NetSim software:
  • blue dot image Several lab exercises with scenario type labs have been provided for hands-on practice.
  • blue dot image Router and switch IOS simulator for ease of learning Cisco router/switch commands.
  • blue dot image Simulate Cisco® IOS routers (805, 806, 1710, 1720, 2501, 2503, 2610, 2620, 2621, 3620, 3640) or switches ( 1912, 2950, 2960-8TC-L, 2960-24TT-L ).
  • blue dot image Connectors available are Serial, Ethernet, IsdnBri, Frame Relay, Fast Ethernet.
  • blue dot image Detailed Lab Manual provided.
  • blue dot image Support for 200+ router and switch commands.
  • blue dot image Labs for 19xx,29xx switches and 25xx/26xx routers included.
  • blue dot image Detailed help files include step by step methods for using network designer, IOS simulator, and lab exercises.
  • blue dot image Network designer that provides drag-n-drop feature for inserting devices and connectors. GUI based device
  • configurator is provided for easy network configuration.
  • STP, and PVSTP protocols have been supported on switch modules enabling students to experiment using Spanning Tree Protocol.
  • Design your own labs using any number of switches and routers.

The labs are intended to give familiarity with the router or switch commands. Example labs can be viewed here. Complete list of labs is available with the Labs Manual of the downloaded software.

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