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Learning VMware App Volumes – وی ام ویر (به انگلیسی: VMware, Inc) شرکت فراهم کنندهٔ نرم‌افزارهای مجازی سازی است که دفتر اصلی آن در شهر پالو آلتو در ایالات متحده آمریکا قرار دارد. هم اکنون دفتر مرکزی شرکت در پالو آلتو، کالیفرنیا، ایالات متحده، و مرکز تحقیق و توسعه( به انگلیسی: R&D) آن در کمبریج، ماساچوست هستندو همچنین مرکز تایم وارنر مربوط به این شرکت در شهر نیویورک، در سال ۲۰۰۵ تاسیس شد. نرم‌افزار ماشین مجازی، (به انگلیسی: Virtual Machine ware) نرم‌افزاری قدرتمند برای توسعه دهندگان نرم‌افزارها و مدیران سیستم و کسانی است که می‌خواهند در ساختار نرم‌افزاری شان تغییراتی اساسی بدهنداست.

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Packt Publishing Learning VMware App Volumes

Video Details
ISBN 139781787123854
Peter von Oven
Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Course Length8 hours

Video Description

App Volumes provide a virtualized, real-time application delivery engine for the virtual desktop infrastructure and is designed to enable VDI deployments to ensure greater flexibility, agility, and cost-reduction.

This video starts with an overview of the architecture and components used to design an optimized solution. You will then learn how to install and configure App Volumes for different use cases such as VMware View Integration, using VMware Thin App, Citrix Xen App, and more. Throughout the course, we provide hints, tips, and tricks as well as best practices. By the end of the video, you will have built a working App Volumes environment and acquired the skills to build and run a production environment.

Style and Approach

A fun course that supplies in-depth content balanced with tutorials that put theory into practice. The focus of this course is on giving you both the understanding and the practical examples that will allow you to build a working App Volumes environment and acquire the skills to build and run a production environment so that you can learn at your own pace.

Table of Contents

Building and Configuring the Example Lab Environment
Introduction to App Volumes
Architectural and Feature Overview
Designing and Building an App Volumes Environment
Installing and Configuring App Volumes
Creating and Managing AppStacks
Creating and Managing Writable Volumes
App Volumes Integration with VMware Horizon View
Deploying App Volumes in an MS RemoteApp Environment
Deploying App Volumes in a Citrix XenApp Environment
Deploying App Volumes in a Horizon View Hosted Apps Environment
Deploying App Volumes in a Citrix XenDesktop Environment
Advanced Configuration Options

What You Will Learn

  • Architectural and Feature Overview of App Volumes
  • Build Application Layering
  • Designing a successful VDI deployment
  • Work with App Stacks and Writeable Volumes
  • Add App Stack delivery mechanism into Horizon View
  • Delivering App Stacks in Citrix Xen Desktop and Citrix Xen App
  • Configuring your App Volumes deployment


Peter von Oven

Peter von Oven is an experienced technical consultant and has spent the past 20 years of his IT career working with customers and partners in designing technology solutions aimed at delivering true business value. During his career, Peter has been involved in numerous large-scale enterprise projects and deployments and has presented at key IT events, such as VMworld, IP EXPO, and various VMUGs and CCUG events across the UK. He has also worked in senior presales roles and presales management roles for some IT giants—such as Fujitsu, HP, Citrix, and VMware—and was awarded VMware vExpert for 2015 and 2016. Over the past 12 years and more, Peter has focused his skills and experience by specializing in the desktop and application virtualization market and today works as the UK&I, Benelux, and Nordics Pre-Sales Director for the market-leading desktop transformation specialists, Liquidware Labs.

Peter got his first taste for writing when assisting with some of the chapters in the book Building End-User Computing Solutions with VMware View, which then led to six other Packt titles: VMware Horizon Mirage Essentials; VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials, co-written with Peter Bjork and Joel Lindberg; VMware Horizon View Essentials; Mastering VMware Horizon 6, co-written with Barry Coombs; Learning VMware App Volumes; and Mastering VMware Horizon 7 Second Edition.

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