Zabbix 4 Network Monitoring, 3rd Edition – آموزش مانیتورینگ شبکه با زبیکس

ZABBIX یک نرم‌افزار عالی در سطح سازمانی است که برای مانیتورینگ دسترسی و کارایی زیرساخت‌های IT به کار می‌رود. با زبیکس تقریبا هیچ محدودیتی در جمع آوری اطلاعات از شبکه وجود ندارد. سیستم مانیتورینگ شبکه ZABBIX یک سرویس مانیتورینگ کارآمد است، به طوری که می‌تواند در لحظه ده‌ها هزار سرور، ماشین مجازی، و تجهیزات شبکه را به طور هم‌زمان مانیتور کند.

همراه با ذخیره سازی داده‌ها، ویژگی‌های نمایشی و گرافیکی (مانند نقشه‌ها، گراف‌ها، نمایش‌ها و …) راه‌های بسیار انعطاف پذیری با هدف آنالیز و هشدار را در اختیار می‌گذارد. می‌توانید در داده‌های دریافتی محدودیتی را تنظیم کنید و به محض اینکه از حدود این محدودیت‌ها رد شد، ZABBIX  می‌تواند با ایمیل مدیر شبکه را از وقوع این رویداد مطلع سازد.

اگر بخواهیم صادقانه در مورد زبیکس چیزی بگوییم این است که زبیکس می تواند همه چیز را مانیتور کند!

لینک دانلود کتاب آموزش مانیتورینگ شبکه با زبیکس – Zabbix 4 Network Monitoring, 3rd Edition


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Book Details

ISBN: 139781789340266
Pages: 798
By: Patrik Uytterhoeven, Rihards Olups
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Format: EPUB, PDF Convert
Price: £21.70
Publish Date: January 2019

Book Description

Zabbix 4 Network Monitoring is the perfect starting point for monitoring the performance of your network devices and applications with Zabbix. Even if you’ve never used a monitoring solution before, this book will get you up and running quickly. You’ll learn to monitor more sophisticated operations with ease and soon feel in complete control of your network, ready to meet any challenges you might face.

Starting with the installation, you will discover the new features in Zabbix 4.0. You will then get to grips with native Zabbix agents and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) devices. You will also explore Zabbix’s integrated functionality for monitoring Java application servers and VMware. This book also covers notifications, permission management, system maintenance, and troubleshooting, so you can be confident that every potential challenge and task is under your control. If you’re working with larger environments, you’ll also be able to find out more about distributed data collection using Zabbix proxies. Once you’re confident and ready to put these concepts into practice, you will understand how to optimize and improve performance. Troubleshooting network issues is vital for anyone working with Zabbix, so the book also helps you work through any technical snags and glitches you might face.

By the end of this book, you will have learned more advanced techniques to fine-tune your system and make sure it is in a healthy state.

Table of Contents Zabbix 4 Network Monitoring

1: Getting Started with Zabbix
2: Getting Your First Notification
3: Monitoring with Zabbix Agents and Basic Protocols
4: Monitoring SNMP Devices
5: Managing Hosts, Users, and Permissions
6: Detecting Problems with Triggers
7: Acting upon Monitored Conditions
8: Simplifying Complex Configurations with Templates
9: Visualizing Data with Screens and Slideshows
10: Advanced Item Monitoring
11: Automating Configuration
12: Monitoring Web Pages
13: High-Level Business Service Monitoring
14: Monitoring IPMI Devices
15: Monitoring Java Applications
16: Monitoring VMware
17: Using Proxies to Monitor Remote Locations
18: Encrypting Zabbix Traffic
19: Working Closely with Data
20: Zabbix Maintenance

What You Will Learn

Install Zabbix server and an agent from source
Manage hosts, users, and permissions while acting upon monitored conditions
Visualize data with the help of ad hoc graphs, custom graphs, and maps
Simplify complex configurations and learn to automate them
Monitor everything from web pages to IPMI devices and Java applications to VMware stats
Configure Zabbix to send alerts including problem severity and time periods
Troubleshoot any network issue


Patrik Uytterhoeven

Patrik Uytterhoeven has over 16 years of experience in IT, mostly with HP UNIX and Red Hat Linux. In late 2012, he joined Open-Future, a leading open source integrator and the first Zabbix reseller and training partner in Belgium. When Patrik joined Open-Future, he also became a Zabbix certified trainer. Since then, he has provided training and public demonstrations around the world, from Belgium to America and Asia. His next step was to author a book, so the first Zabbix Cookbook was born. Because Patrik also has a deep interest in configuration management, he wrote some Ansible roles. Patrik was also a technical reviewer of Learning Ansible and Ansible Configuration Management, both published by Packt Publishing.

Rihards Olups

Rihards Olups has over 20 years of experience in IT, most of it with open source solutions. He started using Zabbix in 2001, and joined Zabbix company later. Rihards spent 6 years at Zabbix, helping users and customers get the most value out of the monitoring tool. He briefly gets his mind off of Zabbix by improving OpenStreetMap.

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