Pro SQL Server 2019 Administration – مدیریت حرفه ای اس کیو ال سرور

Pro SQL Server 2019 Administration A Guide for the Modern DBA

کتاب Pro SQL Server 2019 Administration یک رهنما جامع در زمینه مدیریت SQL Server DBA می باشد. ویرایش دوم کتاب شامل بروزرسانی SQL Server 2019 و مفاهیم Memory-optimized TempDB و رمزگذاری و امنیت Enclaves و Query Store، نصب و راه اندازی بر روی لینوکس، و SQL کانتینر و همپنین شما نحوه نصب و پیکربندی SQL Server بر روی ویندوز از طریق رابط کاربری گرافیکی و با PowerShell و نصب و پیکربندی SQL سرور در لینوکس در کانتینر و نحوه محافظت و امنیت و رمزگذاری داده ها، نحوه عیب یابی و حل مشکلات عملکرد در SQL Query و … آموزش داده می شود.

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Pages: 940
Price: 29,99 €
Format: EPUB, PDF
Authors: Peter A. Carter
Copyright: 2019
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 978-1-4842-5089-1

Use this comprehensive guide for the SQL Server DBA, covering all that practicing database administrators need to know to get their daily work done. Updated for SQL Server 2019, this edition includes coverage of new features such as Memory-optimized TempDB Metadata, and Always Encrypted with Secure Enclaves. Other new content includes coverage of Query Store, resumable index operations, installation on Linux, and containerized SQL.
Pro SQL Server 2019 Administration takes DBAs on a journey that begins with planning their SQL Server deployment and runs through installing and configuring the instance, administering and optimizing database objects, and ensuring that data is secure and highly available. Finally, readers will learn how to perform advanced maintenance and tuning techniques.
This book teaches you to make the most of new SQL Server 2019 functionality, including Data Discovery and Classification. The book promotes best-practice installation, shows how to configure for scalability and high workloads, and demonstrates the gamut of database-level maintenance tasks such as index maintenance, database consistency checks, and table optimizations.

What You Will Learn
  • Install and configure SQL Server on Windows through the GUI and with PowerShell
  • Install and configure SQL Server on Linux and in Containers
  • Optimize tables through in-memory OLTP, table partitioning, and the creation of indexes
  • Secure and encrypt data to protect against embarrassing data breaches
  • Ensure 24x7x365 access through high-availability and disaster recovery features
  • Back up your data to ensure against loss, and recover data when needed
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks such as database consistency checks
  • Troubleshoot and solve performance problems in SQL queries and in the database engine
Who This Book Is For

SQL Server DBAs who manage on-premise installations of SQL Server. This book is also useful for DBAs who wish to learn advanced features such as Query Store, Extended Events, Distributed Replay, and Policy-Based Management, or those who need to install SQL Server in a variety of environments.


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