Mastering Ubuntu Server, 2nd Edition – تسلط بر اوبونتو سرور

Mastering Ubuntu Server سرور اوبونتو مراکز داده را با مثل طوفان در بر گرفته است. آیا شما اوبونتو را برای یک پروژه بزرگ و یا برای یک دفتر کوچک نصب می کنید، این یک توزیع پایدار، قابل تنظیم و قدرتمند لینوکس است که منجر به نوآوری و پیشرفت های زیادی می شود. برای هر دو توسعه ساده و پیچیده سرور، طبیعت انعطاف پذیر اوبونتو می تواند به راحتی با نیازهای سازمان شما سازگار باشد. این کتاب به عنوان راهنما، همه چیز را در مورد اوبونتو سرور، از استقرار اولیه به ایجاد منابع برای شبکه، مفهوم مدیریت کاربر، مدیریت گروه و مجوزهای فایل سیستم آغاز می شود. در ادامه به مدیریت حجم ذخیره سازی، نحوه فرمت کردن دستگاه های ذخیره سازی، استفاده از مدیریت حجم منطقی و نظارت بر استفاده از دیسک را یاد خواهید گرفت.

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Book Details
ISBN 139781788997560
Paperback 552 pages
Jay LaCroix
May 2018
Packt Publishing
Price £32.99

Book Description
Ubuntu Server has taken the data centers by storm. Whether you’re deploying Ubuntu for a large-scale project or for a small office, it is a stable, customizable, and powerful Linux distribution that leads the way with innovative and cutting-edge features. For both simple and complex server deployments, Ubuntu’s flexible nature can be easily adapted to meet to the needs of your organization. With this book as your guide, you will learn all about Ubuntu Server, from initial deployment to creating production-ready resources for your network. The book begins with the concept of user management, group management, and filesystem permissions. Continuing into managing storage volumes, you will learn how to format storage devices, utilize logical volume management, and monitor disk usage.

Later, you will learn how to virtualize hosts and applications, which will cover setting up KVM/QEMU, as well as containerization with both Docker and LXD. As the book continues, you will learn how to automate configuration with Ansible, as well as take a look at writing scripts. Lastly, you will explore best practices and troubleshooting techniques when working with Ubuntu Server that are applicable to real-world scenarios.

By the end of the book, you will be an expert Ubuntu Server administrator who is well-versed in its advanced concepts.

Mastering Ubuntu Server, 2nd Edition

Table of Contents
1: Deploying Ubuntu Server
2: Managing Users
3: Managing Storage Volumes
4: Connecting to Networks
5: Managing Software Packages
6: Controlling and Monitoring Processes
7: Setting Up Network Services
8: Sharing and Transferring Files
9: Managing Databases
10: Serving Web Content
11: Learning Advanced Shell Techniques
12: Virtualization
13: Running Containers
14: Automating Server Configuration with Ansible
15: Securing Your Server
16: Troubleshooting Ubuntu Servers
17: Preventing and Recovering from Disasters

What You Will Learn

Manage users, groups, and permissions
Encrypt and decrypt disks with Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS)
Set up SSH for remote access, and connect it to other nodes
Add, remove, and search for packages
Use NFS and Samba to share directories with other users
Get to know techniques for managing Apache and MariaDB
Explore best practices and troubleshooting techniques
Get familiar with scripting
Automate server deployments with Ansible

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