LPI Linux Essentials Study Guide: Exam 010 v1.6, 3rd Edition

مدرک که تحت عنــوان LPIC : Linux Professional Institute Certification در جهان شناخته می شود بر خلاف سایر مدارک موجود لینـوکس نظیر RHCE، غیر انتفاعی و Vendor Less بوده و به هیچ محصول یا نوع خاصی از لینوکس وابسته نمی باشند و این امــــر موجب تمایز این مدرک از سایر مدارک موجود لینوکس در دنیای صنعت می باشد. در دوره LPI لینوکس شما با انواع توزیع های لینوکس، آموزش نصب لینوکس، مقدمات فایل سیستم، شل و دستورات مقدماتی، فایل و دایرکتوری، آرشیو و فشرده سازی و نحوه جستجو کردن و آشنایی با مبانی شبکه و انواع و مدیریت User و Group و سطوح دسترسی و … آشنا می شوید. کتاب LPI Linux Essentials Study Guide: Exam 010 v1.6, 3rd Edition یک منبع جامع جهت شرکت در آزمون LPI لینوکس 010 می باشد.

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Pages: 416
January: 2020
Price: $50.00
Publisher: Wiley
Fromat: EPUB, PDF Convert
ISBN: 978-1-119-65769-9
By: Christine Bresnahan, Richard Blum


Provides a solid foundation for those considering a career in IT—covers the objectives of the new Linux Essentials Exam 010-160 v1.6

Linux is a secure, reliable, open source alternative to costly operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. As large organizations worldwide continue to add Linux servers, the need for IT professionals skilled in Linux continues to grow. The LPI Linux Essentials Study Guide is a valuable resource for anyone preparing to take the new Linux Essentials Exam—the entry-level certification from The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) which validates knowledge of Linux concepts and applications.

Written by recognized experts on Linux and open source technologies, this accessible, user-friendly guide covers desktop skills, the command line, directories and files, networks, scripting, security, users and permissions, and much more. Clear, concise chapters provide numerous hands-on tutorials, real-world examples, color illustrations, and practical end-of-chapter exercises and review questions. An ideal introduction for those new to Linux or considering a career in IT, this guide helps readers:

  • Learn the operation and components of Linux desktops and servers
  • Understand open source software, licensing, and applications
  • Configure networks, security, cloud services, storage, and devices
  • Create users and groups and set permissions and ownership
  • Use the command line and build automation scripts

LPI Linux Essentials Study Guide: Exam 010 v1.6 is perfect for anyone beginning a career in IT, newcomers to Linux, students in computer courses, and system administrators working with other operating systems wanting to learn more about Linux and other open source solutions.

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