Exchange Server 2016: The Administrator’s Reference

مایکروسافت اکسچنج سرور (به انگلیسی: Microsoft Exchange Server) یکی از بزرگترین پروژه‌های مایکروسافت و بخشی از خط تولید Microsoft Server است که امکان ارسال، دریافت و مدیریت Email، تماس‌ها، تقویم را فراهم می‌کند. از جمله کاربردهای فراوان Exchange Server قابلیت راه اندازی Public Folder به منظور به اشتراک گذاری ایمیل‌های دریافت و ارسال شده توسط کابران است. نکته مهم قابلیت تعیین دسترسی کاربران جهت خواندن و یا پاک کردن و ساختن نامه‌ها و فولدر هاست. به صورتی که یک کاربر فقط بتواند ایمیل‌های خودش/دیگران را بخواند/پاک کند. از دیگر نکته‌های قابل بحث قابلیت اتصال چند سرور به یکدیگر و دسته بندی کابران است. برای دیدن Public Folderها نیاز به داشتن نرم‌افزار Outlook و تنظیم مناسب آن داریم و نیز می‌توان توسط Web Access به فایل‌ها دسترسی داشت…smile icon

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کتاب Exchange Server 2016: The Administrator’s Reference
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Exchange Server 2016: The Administrator’s Reference

English | 5 Jan. 2017 | ISBN: 1540737055 | 873 Pages | PDF (conv) | by William Stanek

This super-sized desktop reference combines two personal training guides in one convenient volume.

Over 250,000 words. Includes:

Exchange Server 2016 & Exchange Online: Essentials for Administration, 2nd Edition
Exchange Server 2016: Server Infrastructure, 2nd Edition

Inside you’ll find expert insights, tips, tricks and workarounds that will save time and help you get the job done by giving you the right information right now. During the course of reading this book, you will master a number of complex topics, techniques, commands and functions.

Topics covered include:

Establishing remote sessions with Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Online
Creating mailbox-enabled user accounts
Adding mailboxes to existing accounts
Connecting to Exchange Online and Windows Azure using PowerShell
Creating mail-enabled contacts
Adding equipment, room and other special purpose mailboxes
Moving, maintaining and repairing mailboxes
Managing delivery restrictions, permissions and storage limits
Managing address lists and distribution groups
Configuring mail support for Outlook
Customizing the Exchange Shell
Configuring role-based Exchange permissions
Planning for Exchange Server 2016 and developing a deployment plan
Managing Exchange organizations while navigating routing and data storage options
Implementing Database Availability Groups and maintaining high availability
Creating, managing and maintaining Exchange databases
Using Send and Receive connectors for mail routing
Configuring Transport services and maintaining mail flow
Implementing email address policies and journal rules
Filtering spam and defining block lists
Optimizing Exchange Server 2016 for web and mobile access
Configuring Client Access services
Maintaining and troubleshooting Exchange Server 2016
And much, much more!!!

Not only will this informative training manual help you become familiar with essential concepts, it’ll help you reach new levels of mastery. This is the ideal ready-answers reference you’ll want with you at all times.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Welcome to Exchange 2016
Chapter 2. Working with Exchange Online
Chapter 3. Getting Started with Users and Contacts
Chapter 4. Managing Users
Chapter 5. Managing Contacts
Chapter 6. Adding Special-Purpose Mailboxes
Chapter 7. Managing Mailboxes
Chapter 8. Managing Groups
Chapter 9. Managing Addresses Online and Offline
Chapter 10. Configuring Exchange Clients
Chapter 11. Customizing & Troubleshooting the Exchange Shell
Chapter 12. Customizing & Configuring Exchange Security
Chapter 13. Implementing Exchange Services
Chapter 14. Preparing for Exchange 2016
Chapter 15. Deploying Exchange Server 2016
Chapter 16. Exchange 2016 Administration Essentials
Chapter 17. Managing Exchange Organizations
Chapter 18. Implementing Availability Groups
Chapter 19. Configuring Exchange Databases
Chapter 20. Managing SMTP Connectors
Chapter 21. Configuring Transport Services
Chapter 22. Maintaining Mail Flow
Chapter 23. Implementing Exchange Policies and Rules
Chapter 24. Filtering Spam
Chapter 25. Optimizing Web and Mobile Access
Chapter 26. Optimizing Client Access Protocols
Chapter 27. Configuring Mobile Messaging
Chapter 28. Tracking and Logging Exchange Server 2016
Chapter 29. Maintaining Exchange Server 2016
Chapter 30. Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2016

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